Basic knowledge about investing in hyips

The way the system works is easy in every hyip program, sometimes they are differently presented to be unique compared each other, but basics are all the same. Signing up, receiving earnings and withdrawing or re-investing them.

When registering account to a hyip program then remember not to provide your real indetity (real name, home address, phone number), it is also suggested to use a separate e-mail address to deal with hyip programs. The opposite works the same – the names you see running hyip business are never real, as soon they unplug and stop payments processing they’ll possibly sell members personal details to third party individuals or groups, we don’t want this to happen, right?

If you decided to join a hyip program and invest, then first set your payment address as if you didn’t add it in the registration form then you will need one to work in order to receive payments. In some rare cases you’ll need to provide it each time you request for payment, depends of program script. Usually when you make payment, you already need to choose a investment plan and it activates your investment as soon the payment is made, it’s also possible the funding is working differently – such as first you need to add funds to program then you are able to make investment with these funds you’ve already transferred. Always make sure your deposit in the chosen plan is active after you make payment to program. You can see it under account menu “Transactions”, “Deposits” or “Operations”.

Depending of your chosen investment plan you should make this clear of when you should be able to withdraw earnings from the program. Of course you are able to re-invest again from generated earnings, depending of your strategy then your account balance should be empty at all times, unless you don’t have enough to meet minimum withdraw requirements or if in program the account balance is the investment (some piggybanks work this way). It’s never suggested just to hold inactive balance in a hyip, even when you decide to make a break for some time from the program, then definitely withdraw it all.

Joining programs

Main task is to add deposits to the same plan and use the same strategy as mine.

Register here.
Deposit $200 to the program 13% weekly for 10 weeks plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings weekly, re-invest $200 after cycle completion again.

Register here.
Deposit $100 to the program BNP 1 plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Re-invest with profits for 10 days, withdraw earnings, re-invest principal of $100.

Register here.
Deposit $50 to the program (account balance = active investment)

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings daily (amount which goes over $50 in account balance).

Register here.
Deposit $100 to the program FIRST plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings daily.

Register here.
Deposit $100 to the program AT I plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings weekly (or daily when possible).

Register here.
Deposit $200 to the program 2.1% Daily plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings daily, withdraw principal after finished cycle.

Register here.
Deposit $50 to the ​first investment plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings every day, withdraw principal after end of cycle.

Register here.
Deposit $50 to the ​4% Daily investment plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings daily until cycle is finished.


When you have completely added the programs to your portfolio (joined them all with deposits), then you will receive notifications however I detect you and connect with you (private messaging or e-mail) for further actions on releasing deposits, adding new one or join another program. Also alerts on occuring problems if any.