Synchronize portfolio

Get to know how my portfolio works in this blog

Active Deposits Today

My LIVE deposits that are currently active in the investment cycles. By this I mean – my own funds are invested in the hyips by the sum of all active investments which are working for me now as of Today.

Daily net profit

Net profit is the profit which doesn’t include your investment principal but instead the extra what we look for when we invest, this is net profit for all hyips where I hold active investment as of now. Since there are hyips that offer earnings on business days (Mon – Fri) then it’s measured for these days only.

Daily net profit on WEEKENDS

Most of hyips provide earnings also on weekends, but as not all to have overview of our weekly income then it’s divided for the weekend and holiday-days.

Additional information you may want to know

The order and details

When you start with synchronization here then you’ll see some additional details per program. The investment amount and certain investment plan comes from my deposit, I have the same amount of investment in the investment plan which I joined, idea of synchronization is to make the same amount of deposit and to the same investment plan which I went for. The programs on the top are my oldest deposits and the bottom the very last ones I joined with new deposit. There is no indicator there as I look for stable hyip programs not depending of timeframe they were launched but cycles they most likely can manage. Which is definitely working proof of hyip investing profitable income.

Reward (BONUS)

The reward of synchronizing with Hyip Intelligence blog equals always to 75% RCB for all programs, the system for programs which give RC per referal earnings (hourly / daily / etc) will be fixed for monthly revenue. The bonus SUM you see by the time of your start of synchronization until 7 days synchronization is the amount you will receive from Hyip Intelligence.

I want to start now

First follow the deposit instructions with the amount and investment plan shown for program, one-by-one. Make sure to join from correct referral link in this blog, your upline will always be Lime / Lime87 / intel on all programs for successful synchronization. Fill the form to receive bonus below the synchronization tab when you scroll down.


RegisterĀ here.
$200 to the 0.8% Daily for 27 Business Days, Principal Back plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings daily and re-invest principal at the end of cycle.

My active deposits as of Today

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Active investments
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Daily net profit
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On weekends

Claim reward now

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When you agree to start synchronization now and finish it in up to 7 days from the 1st deposit to program (order is not important) and you have joined ALL these programs under Hyip intelligence reference. Then your reward will be sent to you within 72 hours after successful synchronization. Any cheating attempts may get you banned from future contests. You will also continue to receive 75% RCB in future deposits.

By the way! There is no point to fill the fields when you haven't joined all the programs as guided in the Synchronization tab. No deposits = no syncing. The requests to be ignored when not agreed.

You will receive payment within 72 hours after completed synchronization. Synchronization is complete when you have joined all required programs with at least shown deposit amount (or more) to the shown investment plan.

Few tips when you are new to HYIPs

When registering account to a hyip program then remember not to provide your real indetity (real name, home address, phone number), it is also suggested to use a separate e-mail address to deal with hyip programs. The opposite works the same – the names you see running hyip business are never real, as soon they unplug and stop payments processing they’ll possibly sell members personal details to third party individuals or groups, we don’t want this to happen, right?

If you decided to join a hyip program and invest, then first set your payment address as if you didn’t add it in the registration form then you will need one to work in order to receive payments. In some rare cases you’ll need to provide it each time you request for payment, depends of program script. Usually when you make payment, you already need to choose a investment plan and it activates your investment as soon the payment is made, it’s also possible the funding is working differently – such as first you need to add funds to program then you are able to make investment with these funds you’ve already transferred. Always make sure your deposit in the chosen plan is active after you make payment to program. You can see it under account menu “Transactions”, “Deposits” or “Operations”.

Depending of your chosen investment plan you should make this clear of when you should be able to withdraw earnings from the program. Of course you are able to re-invest again from generated earnings, depending of your strategy then your account balance should be empty at all times, unless you don’t have enough to meet minimum withdraw requirements or if in program the account balance is the investment (some piggybanks work this way). It’s never suggested just to hold inactive balance in a hyip, even when you decide to make a break for some time from the program, then definitely withdraw it all.