Referral Commission Back

Investing to Hyip programs under me in this blog you may request the commission back from me what I earn from your deposits. I share 50% of the amount I earn back to you and take the other half to myself. Referral commission percentage is variable in different programs, but usually it’s near 5% of referrals investment amount, half of it (2.5% of your investment spend) I send back to you if you follow the rules.

RCB Rules

After making deposit to program, then request RCB in up to 72 hours from the time you made deposit.

Do not ask RCB several times for one deposit, you may request if you make another deposit. I proccess all RCB requests in up to 72 hours.

I don’t offer RCB when you invest from account balance, since usually I don’t earn Referral Commission when my referrals invest from account balance, so you should process deposit again from e-currency. There are exceptions in some programs though.

Since I cover the transaction fees then you may request RCB from 0.005 BTC or $10 deposits minimum.