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Short Term programs

Short term programs are considered with short time cycles where your investment round is equal or less then 15 calendar days.

Medium Term programs

Medium term programs are considered with medium range investment cycles up to two months time period. This is most common for hyips.

Long Term programs

Long term investments are usually most profitable as the cycle is longer with your investment. They are considered from two months investment cycles.

Grow your crypto coins

Investing cryptocurrency in hyips is one of the very popular way of increasing them as alternative to trading. Browse hyips by your selected preference crypto currency below.

"I always invest Cryptos to dedicated-USD platforms when their value is falling, to increase them and enjoy better values later"
Hyip Intelligence admin

Interested in fresh hyip programs instead?

Your custom pick - technical preference

Here you can pick any category from your technical perspective, depending of your choice of program script or Extended Validation SSL which is not cheap for any hyip admin.

Browse wisely! Check out the programs which are ran by known Legendaries, whos works are well rated in the past.

Silent and low-profile programs

You may also discover programs that are yet keeping low profile in the industry, just to "wake up" later when they've set up long lifetime for better trust and high inflow when the time comes. You can be early bird and already earn in it.

Confirmed stability programs with continuous cycles includes lowest risk possible.

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