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HYIP Investment Guide For Beginners


HYIPS (High Yeld Investment Programs) are in fact risky. The investment services by these “companies” offer high returns for your investments and are mostly using “ponzi” scheme, so at some point they will most likely close the program or simply stop payouts. In every Hyip program there is someone who will lose the investment. Since the earlier investors receive profit from new investors in program. Here in this blog you may discover the best possible programs and read about my strategy how I maintain profit in this business.

I started in Hyips with $10 deposit and currently my Active capital of investments have crossed $1000. I invested in Hyips with no referrals over 2 years, which made a clear point for me – it is not required to have referrals in this category of online moneymaking comparing to paid to click programs, as they usually stop payments processing before you even make to the minimum payment option for withdraw. But of course it is advantage if you invite people to Hyips under your downline as in every hyip program there is possibility to earn 1% to 10% Referral Commissions, even multi-level.

Another good Hyips feature is, the system works the way you just deposit and then withdraw daily or even weekly if you like, there is no additional time consuming, except the research to look for program statuses and their health (traffic, core quality, track Admin work etc), leave this to me! I research Hyips daily, just follow my spends or ask me if you would like to learn.

” Never invest more then you can afford to lose “

Divide your spend

If you are willing to go for HYIPS, first divide your spend to three parts and invest each part of your pot to separate programs, for example you’d like to start with $90, then $30 per program. The best choice doing it would be to divide each part of your pot to different terms – 1/3 to the Long-Term program, 2nd part to the Medium-Term and the rest of it to the Short-Term area. Continue investing your returns from previous programs to new programs and with this strategy you will grow your active investments capital. If you like my blog and the performance how I maintain profits then join to the same ones where I do. You may track my own investment activities in the Activity Log on my site, I always share the details of how much I invested and gained back or lost in different programs.

Follow my spends

As I focus to maintain profit and increase my active investments capital strategically and also invest affordable amounts (usually $50), you might want to follow my investments in the same period and get the same result with me checking out the Activity Log in this blog.

Personal suggestions

I am always opened to give you personal advice as long you join programs under me. Figure out the capital you would like to start with and ask me where to divide your investments via e-mail: admin@hyip-intelligence.com or write me in our integrated chatroom (Lime).

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