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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HYIP?
HYIP (High Yeld Investment Program) is a website, offering high returns for your investment in short time and are using mostly the ponzi scheme (earlier investors get the profit from new investors money).Is there any risk?
In all HYIP programs there is risk of losing your funds, since at some point they all stop payouts, but the investing continues until the end by investors, there are always people who lose their money in every HYIP program.

What is Hyip Monitor?
Hyip Monitors are the main source for investors to find programs which are live and where to invest. Most Hyip program Admins are using Monitor services by buying a listing position there and will cover Monitor deposit as well. Monitors will show status to investors, but most often they delay “Paying” status, even then when program stops paying. for few days. monitors are different, there are also scam monitors available, which show paying status for scam programs. As a beginner that would not be good idea to use random monitors to find programs where to invest.

Is Hyip Intelligence a Monitor?
Hyip Intelligence is not a monitor. It’s my personal blog where I publicly show my own analyzis of live hyip programs. I pick programs where to invest myself and also share my own investment portfolio since October, 2013.

What is a Payment processor?
Payment processor is a method of payments in Hyips. The payment methods in Hyips are different., they are mostly anonymous. Most popular payment processors in Hyips are  Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, OkPay and Payeer. Stronger programs accept Payza, SolidTrustPay, Neteller & Skrill and even accept payments from VISA credit cards, but I would suggest not to use it in Hyips.

How much money can I make in Hyips?
The terms are variable in Hyips. For example if Hyip program offers investment plan “5% daily for 40 days, principal included” and program is active the full cycle, you make 200% of your spend (investment return doubled). If there is a program offering investment plan “2.5% daily for 10 days, principal back” and program keeps paying the full cycle, you would make 125% days in 10 days. 100% is accumulated as your own investment principal, 125% is accumulated with 25% profit made of your investment.

What is Short-Term investment plan?
Short-Term is a investment period in Hyip program, which will complete the investment cycle in short time like 1-day to 2 weeks.

What is Mid-Term investment plan?
If program offers Medium time range investment plan like 3 weeks to 2 months, it is recognized as Mid-Term plan.

What is Long-Term investment plan?
There are also Hyips offering investment plans for longer time period like 6 months or even 1 year and longer time. These are considered as Long-Term investment plans in Hyips.

Is Hyip a legal company?
Many Hyips are registered in Company Houses and can be even checked in government company houses registry. Usually Hyip represents lies and even when they describe to mine gold or oil, they don’t to it. They create image to attract investors.

What is Referral Compensation and how to earn it?
In every Hyip there is also a Referral program. You can earn extra if you invite friends or anyone who joins program using your affiliate link, which is available in program, under banners or affiliate / referrals area. Share your link in forums for example and earn extra! Commissions are around 1 – 5% of referrals deposit amount, also multi-level.

RCB – Referral Commission Back?
If you join programs from Hyip Intelligence blog and sign-up, you will be my referral. When you invest, I’ll earn commission from your investment, I share it with you 50% in all programs (if you are using PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or OkPay). You may ask your Referral commission back here.

Do I get RCB when I re-invest?

If you process additional separate deposit from payment processor then yes, but keep in mind: when you re-invest from account balance in hyip program then no! Since most programs are designed this way – no earnings for upline when investing from account balance.

Where to start when I want Invest to HYIPs?
Don´t hesitate to contact me on right lower corner. Or read my blog and take a look at Active Programs or Blog to get the latest news. I help everyone to make possibly best decision to avoid scams.

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