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High Yield Investment Programs provide earnings back from your investment without referral requirements. Investment with profitable returns, but high risk. They all end at some point of time.

Hyips are never safe, they may unplug payments even the same day when you invest there. Strategy and research is important to maintain profits in this game.

This blog is a source of best possible hyips available Today in- and even outside the hyip industry. I’m researching hyips also compare them in daily basis, I am very happy to show off my portfolio and help you to gain profits as well.

Monitors are websites which offer services to hyip admins such as publishing project to hyip industry, extend advertisements by buying expensive listings. They work systematically and usually have no filters in detecting fast-scam admins. Picking a random program from Hyip Monitor has significantly higher risk compared to investors personal websites and blogs.

Hyip Intelligence is not a monitor. It’s my personal blog where I publicly show my own analysis of live hyip programs. I pick programs where to invest myself and also share my own investment portfolio since October, 2013.

Payment processor is a method of payments in Hyips. The payment methods in Hyips are different., they are mostly anonymous. Most popular payment processors in Hyips are  Bitcoin and PerfectMoney, as well most of the other known crypto currencies. Even some of the programs accept payments from credit cards and bank transfers, but using these options is not wise.

The terms are variable in Hyips. For example if Hyip program offers investment plan “5% daily for 40 days, principal included” and program is active the full cycle, you make 200% of your spend (investment return doubled). If there is a program offering investment plan “2.5% daily for 10 days, principal back” and program keeps paying the full cycle, you would make 125% days in 10 days. 100% is accumulated as your own investment principal, 125% is accumulated with 25% profit made of your investment.

Short-Term is a investment period in Hyip program, which will complete the investment cycle in short time like 1-day to 2 weeks.

If program offers Medium time range investment plan like 3 weeks to 2 months, it is recognized as Mid-Term plan.

There are also Hyips offering investment plans for longer time then two months, these are considered as long term hyips.

Many Hyips are registered in Company Houses and can be even checked in government company houses registry. Usually Hyip represents lies and even when they describe to mine gold or oil, they don’t to it. They create image to attract investors.

Yes! For every program here, there is a contest for latest investors. It will be shared as a bonus, even when you don’t lose in hyip. You can see detailed information under the hyip program overview post.

In every Hyip there is also a Referral program. You can earn extra if you invite friends or anyone who joins program using your affiliate link, which is available in program, under banners or affiliate / referrals area. Share your link in forums for example and earn extra! Commissions are around 1 – 5% of referrals deposit amount, also multi-level.

Read my blog and take a look at my Active Investment Programs. I help everyone to make possibly best decision to avoid scams.

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  1. Hi Lime, This is John Smith, I am back in the game after a hyatus of almost 2years. Just did my P/L on my may plays – it is pretty much a wash. Hoping to do better this time, with some wisdom gained earlier. Good to see you are still at this, with a new web site. Wishing the best to all participants! Cheers, JSIV.

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