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There is currently one contest active and it extends to all of the active programs listed in this blog. There are some rare instances of inactive contest, for example doublers. When I can’t verify referrals and don’t have referrals information then I can’t extend contest to this hyip.

Insurance contest

If a hyip scams then investors who lose most are the ones who joined program in it’s late stage. It’s not easy to predict when hyip scams, but as we know they all do at some point of time. That’s why I run a contest here which focuses more on bonuses for those who invested last. The prizes are variable, but same amount goes for all of the members, depending of a program to 2 – 10 latest investors who joined from Hyip Intelligence blog to a hyip. The contest information related to hyip can be seen in program overview post when you scroll down, here is the HEX-LAND example:

As you can see all the details are included in this block. When program gets to a problematic stage or when our participant / investor from this blog is experiencing payment issues with program then contest will be held and investors listed at that time will qualify for prize payout until we are sure the program has ended. If you were active participant at that time, then you will be contacted, usually by e-mail when I ask your payment preference and process the bonus to your wallet.

Follow the rules

Do I have to be registered in this blog?

It’s always better when you have account here as when I share the bonuses out and you are online here then I can get in touch with you and send the bonus instantly to you. Also try to use the same username in hyips as the one you are using here. Even though it is not required to have account here.

May the prize amount change?

The prize amount given will be the same for all members, but may increase and never go down. Also some new slots may be added, depending of program performance and referrals activity in hyip.

Payment options

I am willing to share bonuses to PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash. It is suggested to use these payment options for deposits as well, but is not required.

Spend minimum required at once not total

When 50 USD is required minimum spend to participate in the contest then it means the deposit amount must be done in 50 USD value or more, not including any possible transaction fees you additionally might pay (perfectmoney 1.99% or 0.5%, miners fee in crypto transaction etc..) or bunch of smaller deposits also – it doesn’t work this way, the deposit sum must be net amount of 50 USD and up. Deposit minimum to participate is also variable in different hyips, make sure to check participation requirements in each program overview post.

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