Important update on May 1, 2018

Starting from May 1 there will be update regarding to Latest Investor Contest: When prize increases from unclaimed RCB deposits, then minimum amount to participate increases for program as well. For example the new prize will be $40 then next participant needs to deposit $40 or more as well to participate. This would be better and fairer for investors who invest higher amounts in this blog.

Rules & Guide

Latest investor who invested to program, will receive the selected prize (open program overview to see current prize) when the program explodes (stop payments processing) if investment amount was enough for required participation (you can see from program overview). Investor must be joined under Hyip Intelligence (Lime) referral to qualify and use Bitcoin / Payeer / PerfectMoney or AdvCash payment processor in deposits (not BTC-E or others). Winners will be announced in our Public Chat and if possible then I notify them to their e-mail personally. Make sure you invest in the period when program is still Paying as I must receive RC to my e-currency wallet. When the “Paying” status is shown in the overview post then it doesn’t yet guarantee the program correct live status as I update it manually.


  • Invest to any program listed in this blog, minimum amount shown in program overview
  • Investing USD then use PerfectMoney, Payeer or AdvCash for deposits only
  • Stats being updated usually within 1 – 24h (max 72h)
  • I must receive the Referral Commission to my  e-currency (don’t invest to problematic programs)
  • When the winner is announced, I will contact him/her via e-mail if I have it, when I don’t – the winner will be announced in our Public Chat, prize can be claimed up to 30 days after announcement.

How to check who is the latest investor per program?

1. Open program overview 
2. Scroll down in overview post
3. Now it should be visible for you

39 thoughts on “Contests”

  1. Thanks for the prize of 0.0053 Btc 40$ for tokenizer!!!! i also invested
    0.78 eth and made 50% profit.
    with 2 Litecoins 😊😊😊😊

    1. as always since few years now, LIME is a star, he paid me the prize of 25$ from profitablemorrows where i had already deposited 50 and cashed out 74,50$ thanks! 101% profit

  2. This man is so awesome.. I got my prize of 0.02(worth $68!) today..Thanks for guiding us Lime.
    My tx:
    Prize sent: 00f5b04a96919a7930bca820f01ca5c67b1fc07fa973a7edb2db66dac978ea8e

  3. Lime I got address which is now using for withdrawal 3AaoYi4nWQQUB5ywnMNziL7mk1FU1GtRyZ
    If I will get contest prize kindly send to above wallet address

  4. Lime I INVESTED 0.020btc on 7 April in flexibit today we can’t withdraw they stopped paying this is temporary will I get a place in your contest list

    1. Why do you think they stop that easily? Didn’t you receive message from FLEXIBIT staff? The program is paying fine, wtf is wrong with u mate ? Spreading nonsense panic – I could just cut off you from any contest.


  5. Hi

    Yesterday I INVESTED 0.02 BTC in flexibit today they stopped paying but the last latest investor INVESTED on 3rd April should you consider me as lastest investor or who present in your contest list he will get 0.02btc prize

    1. No reason to pay you any prize as the program is paying well. I update programs list stats 3-5 times a week, it’s not automatic as it’s blog and I update everything manually here.

  6. Received 0.02 latest investor compensation in Bitrar. Thank you so much lime !
    Too bad it explode too early but anyway lets keep on grinding! More bitcoins to come for us! 🙂

  7. i’ve just received .02 btc from bitglobal contest. just wanna thank lime for the great work he does and how he intends to guide people on this risky world of hyips.

    keep up the great work and thanx.

  8. received 0.02 latest investor compensation in cryptocurrency
    thanks lime!
    tx = 8df029b6b2e26345a62eafd7aca3fed3245d762b3b480a79ca771b2e16a35af3

  9. Received 0.02 btc contest prize of anobtc from lime , thanks mate, he’s one of the best i have started following their programs and earn from them, whenever i need any help he’s always there…… again thanks brother ……..

  10. Hi all, I just received the refund of $30 from the Administration, because the site Decenter bot exploded i am among the winners of the contest … Thanks for the serious admin, good job at all.

  11. Hi. The stats you see will be updated within 72 hours as I do it manually. I mean, if you see “Stats updated on Feb 18, 2017” it means it might take up to 3 days for the next update. The latest investors usernames change all the time when program is live and paying. To the one who is the latest now (at that time, when stats were updated). The winner is the member who invested latest time when program was Paying. If the payouts stop in program (it scammed: “exploded”) then the contest is ended and winner will be contacted via e-mail. If I don’t have your e-mail then I remind in our public chat and newsletters.

  12. I want to ask one thing about contest bcoz I don’t have payeer and perfect money account my username knamit14 if stop paying how you will pay me 0.02BTC OR SHOULD I MAKE PERFECT MONEY ACCOUNT

    1. What currency do you use? BTC is Bitcoin, not perfect money. I can also offer AdvCash for prizes and you may use AdvCash on deposits as well, I’ll update the post. Currently accepted for your deposit to participate and prize funds:

      – Bitcoin
      – PerfectMoney
      – Payeer
      – AdvCash

      0.02 BTC (bitcoin currency) = $20 to Payeer / PerfectMoney / AdvCash

    2. How much did you invest? I earned 0.000679 BTC from your deposit, the RC in BITATM is 5%, I should have earned 0.001 BTC or more. You need to invest 0.02 BTC or more to participate in the contest, but intsead your investment is 0.013 BTC.

      Required minimum to participate: 0.02 BTC

  13. Hi admin I have joined under your referral for in the name of thodone but your latest contest update has not updated my name

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