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The Winza high yield investment program launched on March 16, 2020. Program operated for long and got even famous next to the regular hyip players as they offered attractive gambling opportunities with the “provably fair” SHA256 system. Something happened in early September as the administration can’t be reached no longer as well payments processing stopped completely since September 7, 2020. Do not invest, it’s a scam.

! It's a SCAM, payments processing ended

! Following details for historic purposes

Provably fair online casino

The casino lottery system generates unique encoded hash for each ticket you purchase and the codes will be later decoded by Winza secured algorithm to show all the participants that system is not manipulated in any way and to show it’s powerful provably fair casino capabilities. The winnings are shared 10% for the house and 90% for winners which is definitely positive rate compared to most of the online casinos and you never see any of the hash codes which may put most of the online casinos in question of do they manipulate with participants funds or not. I do like Winza approach with this unique feature to help it’s members to participate in provably fair online casino. You should try these features as gambling starts from just 1 satoshi. Many of the members most likely generate free hourly faucet in Winza and play with these funds, even the system is divided in smaller returns for gambling with free faucets then there have been some lucky participants as well. Let us know what you think about the Winza gambling opportunities, I am also trying the lottery now as I just bought 20 lottery tickets with a total price of 0.0002 BTC.

Up to 10% deposits bonus for Hyip Intelligence referrals

The Winza administration made a gift to our community, to provide up to 10% bonus for everyone who joins Winza from this blog who participates in the online gambling features such as Winza Lottery, Dice Game, Euro Roulette, Wheel of Fortune and Last Man Standing. Enjoy these benefits and good luck!




Hosting: Cloudflare, Inc. (USA)

Script: Unique, advanced

Design: Unique, compact

SSL: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 14 Mar, 2020 to 15 Mar, 2021 – Sectigo Limited

Investment plans

Fixed Plan

*Floating earning percentage

Bankroll Investments

From $10

1-5% Daily until 150% returned

Principal Included

* Earnings on all calendar days, see my earning  examples in first two weeks (screenshot)

Investing $50

Examples are estimated for 3% daily returns. The actual earning is floating up to 5% daily.

$ 0
Returned In 10 Days
$ 0
Returned In 30 Days
$ 0
Returned In 40 Days
$ 0
Returned In 50 Days

Investing $200

Examples are estimated for 3% daily returns. The actual earning is floating up to 5% daily.

$ 0
Returned In 10 Days
$ 0
Returned In 30 Days
$ 0
Returned In 40 Days
$ 0
Returned In 50 Days


Payments accepted

Multi-currency platform

perfect_moneyCreated with Sketch.

Minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal

Maximum deposit

Withdrawals processing time

10 USD / 0.001 BTC / 0.2 LTC

1 USD / 0.0002 BTC / 0.03 LTC

No limit

Manual, up to 24 hours

Affiliate rewards system

Earning extra from direct referrals

Casino bets and games: 0.5%

Deposits to account: 0.2%

Currency exchange: 0.3%

Investments: 1.2%

Claims from faucets: 10%

Affiliate earnings are added to your account balance, you can play with it, invest it or withdraw it any time.

Your deposit is not required to participate in affiliate program.

My investment portfolio

Total spent $300

Made three deposits so far

0 %

No referral commissions included

Sep 7, 2020: Scammed, my overall result was 110.4% following 31.32 USD profit.
Aug 22, 2020: Broke Even (100%) overall, profits to follow.
Jul 13, 2020: Finished round #1 with a result of 150% following 50 USD profit.
Jul 2, 2020: Added deposit #3 of 100 USD.
Jun 12, 2020: Added deposit #2 of 100 USD.
Apr 14, 2020: Joined with 100 USD deposit.

Insurance contest

Requirements for participation

Join from

Minimum deposit


Upline: Lime

50 USD (or more)

Allowed from balance


About this contest

This contest was extended to five latest investors with the following prizes. Contest is held as of now and participants to be contacted soon to claim bonus.

Payment screenshots

Check also


Detailed technical data

My friend invested


Please register BMF from here.



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  1. Платит 09.02.20 20:41 Account Receive +20.48 Received Payment 20.48 USD from account U21121680 to account U8239798. Batch: 332502458. Memo: API Payment. Funds withdrawal from Winza Group Limited Partnership.

  2. 08.24.20 15:08 Account Receive +58.00 Received Payment 58.00 USD from account U21121680 to account U8239798. Batch: 330622052. Memo: API Payment. Funds withdrawal from Winza Group Limited Partnership.

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