This medium term program TOKENIZER is no longer active as CoinPayments closed their Bitcoin funds and they weren’t able to proceed with payouts.

TOKENIZER Short Review

Investing in this medium term program, you would earn 5% to 7% Daily on Business Days and 2% on Weekends until 150% earned, Principal Included. Payments being accepted from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Withdrawals processing is manual in 24-hour time frame and there is a fee of 2% for withdraw. The affiliate system is one level of 5% from direct referrals deposit amounts, additionally you would earn 5% from their daily earnings on daily basis as well. Program is running on unique advanced script and design. The website is hosted on OVH Hosting with active EV SSL: COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA COMODO CA Limited, valid: Mon, 09 Apr 2018 – Tue, 09 Apr 2019.

TOKENIZER Project Development Process

April 30, 2018
Program was launched;
Alexa rank 14M by the end of 1st day

May 12, 2018
Added to MNO Premium listing;
Alexa rank 882K

May 15, 2018
Added Russian & German languages, added Ethereum currency to the system;
Some system upgrades regarding to deposits merge;
Alexa rank 349K

May 30, 2018
Added to DN Standard listing;
Alexa rank 157K

Jun 6, 2018
Real time payments page and promo video was released;
Alexa rank 136K

Jun 15, 2018
Bounty program to receive prizes for video reviews;
Added simplified Chinese language and other updates from Tokenizer team;
Alexa rank 108K

TOKENIZER Tutorial Video

1.18 LTC profit made from total invested 11 LTC  111%
Launch date: Apr 30, 2018
Expected ROI per cycle: 150%
1 cycle = ~30 days
Withdrawals processing: Manual, up to 24 hours
Payments accepted: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash

Affiliate commission: 5%, additionally 5% from referrals daily earnings (one level)

My investments portfolio
Jul 15, 2018: Stopped, my result from round #2 was 66% following 1.70 LTC loss, but overall profit was 1.18 LTC.
Jul 11, 2018: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
Jul 3, 2018: Added 4 LTC deposit.
Jun 17, 2018: Went for round #2 with 1 LTC deposit.
Jun 15, 2018: Finished round #1 with a result of 148% following 2.88 LTC profit.
Jun 4, 2018: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
May 31, 2018: Added 1 LTC deposit.
May 20, 2018: Added 1 LTC deposit.
May 15, 2018: Added 1 LTC deposit.
May 6, 2018: Added 1 LTC deposit.
Apr 30, 2018: Joined with 2 LTC deposit.

RCB & Contest details
Offer expired.

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