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Pulse9 review

The Pulse9 high yield investment program launched on June 2, 2020. When program made to the point of time when earliest investors were able to release principal and leav from program with good result in the short term then payments processing ended for some users already, reports of pending payments for 2 days, no reply from support is a clear factor for scam. Total worked 1 week.



Hosting: Dancom LTD (Russian Federation)

Script: GoldCoders

Design: Unique, professional

SSL: EV SSL valid from 02 Jun, 2020 to 19 May, 2021 – DigiCert Inc

! It's a SCAM, payments processing ended

! Following details for historic purposes

Investment plans

Three High ROI Plans

There are three different investment plans, the 2nd and 3rd one requires higher deposit amounts and offer significantly higher daily returns. Stick to the 1st plan by my suggestion.

PL-Z7 Algorithm

From $50

7% Daily for 30 Days

Principal Back w/ 7% fee

PL-Z09 Algorithm

From $500

9% Daily for 45 Days

Principal Back

PL-Z11 Algorithm

From $1000

11% Daily for 60 Days

Principal Back

There are 8 different resolution banners available to promote program.

Earning examples


1st Example is shown when releasing principal after 1 week, the 2nd example is shown if to release deposit after two weeks.

$ 0
Returned in 1 week
$ 0
Returned in 2 weeks


1st Example is shown when releasing principal after 1 week, the 2nd example is shown if to release deposit after two weeks.

$ 0
Returned in 1 week
$ 0
Returned in 2 weeks

*After plan


Payments accepted

Each currency holds it’s own value, no USD conversion.

perfect_moneyCreated with Sketch.

Minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal

Maximum deposit

Withdrawals processing time

50 USD

0.50 USD / 0.0003 BTC / 0.007 ETH

0.05 LTC / 0.02 BCH / 0.05 DASH / 0.05 ZEC

No limit

Instant / up to 12 hours

Affiliate rewards system

Earning extra from multi-level referrals

9% – 2%

Of referrals deposits from six levels which will be added to your account balance for withdraw.

Your deposit is not required to participate in affiliate program. You can earn for free if you get referrals who deposit.

My investment portfolio

Total spent $50

This is my first deposit

0 %

No referral commissions included

Jun 10, 2020: Scammed, my result was 82% following 9.36 USD loss.
Jun 4, 2020: Joined with 50 USD deposit.

Payment screenshots

Check also


Detailed technical data

My friend invested


Please register BMF from here.



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1 Comment

  1. I invested in here a total of 0.06 Btc
    The concept here is fresh, its a piggy bank with very good daily profits
    I received my first few withdrawals instantly as well 🙂

    NEW Deposit batch –

    0.06 BTC
    2020-06-04 14:02

    Payment batch –

    0.0042 BTC
    2020-06-05 22:14

    0.0042 BTC
    2020-06-06 21:50

    0.0042 BTC
    2020-06-08 01:24

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