Main Features


The investment plan offers 3.5% Daily earnings in forever basis, the longevity of program success will return you generous returns.


Compared to other similar new hyips, this one has most promising inflow statistics since launch.


After every $35K invested to program, the earnings to be increased by 0.1% for every participant in the program.


The Orange Trade high yield investment program launched and processing payments since November 7, 2020. After the giant legendary Loantech collapsed, it ispired many of the other hyip Admins as well, but as we know it would me impossible to clone a Legend and soon after, many of the programs launched with the same style and similar investment plan. Most of the clones already scammed, but what is different comparing Orange Trade with the other clones are the launch factors, deposits are more stable which comes from Administration marketing strategy. Daily deposits range from 700 – 2K USD since launch. But as well to push it forward constantly it can be noticed that the Administration adds program to new advertisement sources almost daily, mostly in hyips industry though. Unique approach in this one as well, after every 35K USD invested to program, the earning percentage is increased by 0.1% for every investor, this is something new and interesting. All technical factors green, program is in good health as of now.

How to earn in Orange Trade?



Pushing forward

Here is the step to step guide how to start earning in this high yield investment program. The basics are simple, just to add deposit and investment is already active, which would provide daily earnings from the time you have completed deposit. Your investment principal is included in daily accruals which are provided to you forever until program crash.


Registration to the platform is easy, just click on “Sign Up” and fill the forms.

Activate investment

Log-in to the members zone and when you see your account dashboard, click on “Deposit” in the left-side menu. New page will open and you are able to add the investment amount and to choose investment currency. There is USD conversion for all currencies. Complete the transaction and as soon it’s done, your investment is active instantly.

Withdraw profits

You will receive your first earning after 24 hours already from your deposit and you may log in to withdraw it anytime. To proceed, click on “Withdraw Fund” in the left-side user menu, as soon it’s open you are able to withdraw earnings, it will be processed manually within 24 hours. Congratulations on your 1st payment from Orange Trade!

Re-invest principal

When 14 calendar days are passed from the time you’ve made investment in the program then you have received your investment body and profit to your payment wallet which you have withdrawn daily. To continue earning daily accruals you should add investment back to program and Activate Investment again.

*This is official description how they generate revenue and how their mechanism works to offer investment services. This is usually just a story as all of the hyips works as a ponzi scheme.

Hosting: Ddos-guard Corp. (Belize)

Script: GoldCoders

Design: Unique

SSL: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 05 Nov, 2020 to 06 Nov, 2021 – Sectigo Limited.

! It's a SCAM, payments processing ended

! This program is in PAYING status as of NOW! Keep reading this review:

! Following details for historic purposes

Investment plans

Fixed investment plan

There is one investment plan for all investment amounts.

3.6% daily Forever

From $15

3.6% Daily “Forever”

Principal Included

There are no VIP plans

There are no dangerous tricky "VIP" plans in this program, all plans work.

Recommended investment amount

Maximum suggested 500 USD.


Principal is included in the examples.

$ 0
Returned in 20 Days
$ 0
Returned in 40 Days
$ 0
Returned in 2 Months
$ 0
Returned in 3 Months


Principal is included in the examples.

$ 0
Returned in 20 Days
$ 0
Returned in 40 Days
$ 0
Returned in 2 Months
$ 0
Returned in 3 Months


Payments accepted

USD conversion for all payments.

perfect_moneyCreated with Sketch.

Minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal

Maximum deposit

Withdrawals processing time

15 USD / equal to crypto

1 USD / 14 USD for crypto

No limit

Manual up to 24 hours

Affiliate rewards system

Earning extra from multi level referrals

6% – 2%

From multi level referrals investment amount to your account balance.

Your deposit is not required to participate in affiliate program.

My investment portfolio

Total spent $100

This is my 1st deposit

0 %

No referral commissions included

Nov 15, 2020: Joined with 100 USD deposit.

Referral commission back

RCB 50%

You may request referral commission back from any deposit amount and only within 72 hours after deposit, otherwise the funds are moved to future insurance contest and you can’t recover it anyhow.

Referral program in this program is 6% of referral deposits, which means 3% of your investment is shared back to you from this blog.

Payment screenshots

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Detailed technical data


Please register BMF from here.





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