This short term sleeper program ITSSHOWTIME is currently Paying well instantly as of Today.


This short-term program is still a “sleeper”, weak and opened to small deposits, gaining lifetime since Sep 12, 2018.

There are two plans to pick of 4.06% Hourly for 25 Hours, Principal Included following 101.5% per cycle and the 102% After 1 Day one.

Program accepts payments from PerfectMoney only as of now . All operations including withdrawals are processed instantly in program.

Affiliate system is low of 1% from direct referrals deposits. Program is using licenced Gold Coders script with basic layout and hosted on Dancom Ltd, SSL is active: PositiveSSL valid from 12 Sep, 2018 to 13 Sep, 2019 – COMODO CA Limited.

Program is expected to get new layout design soon, but for me it seems the plans are fixed and admin is already looking for members with high deposits as there are no deposit limits, which might close the shop. Don’t crush it 🙂

Visit ITSSHOWTIME website


3.20 USD profit made from total invested 40 USD  108%

Launch date: Sep 12, 2018
Expected ROI per cycle: 101.5% / 102%
1 cycle = 1 day
Withdrawals processing: Instant
Payments accepted: PerfectMoney

Affiliate commission: 1% (one level)

My investments portfolio
Nov 9, 2018: Finished round #1 with a result of 108% following 3.20 USD profit.
Nov 8, 2018: Re-invested 40 USD deposit, to after-plan.
Nov 6, 2018: Re-invested 40 USD deposit, to after-plan.
Nov 4, 2018: Re-invested 40 USD deposit, to after-plan.
Nov 2, 2018: Joined with 40 USD deposit, to after-plan.

RCB & Contest details
To claim RCB, request it here within 72 hours after your deposit and you will receive 0.5% of your investment back from me.

Latest investor contest
Read the contest rules here. 50% from unclaimed RCB deposits will go to prize funds, currently there is no prize. Latest investor: Free Slot. Minimum amount for investment to participate is 30 USD.

Visit ITSSHOWTIME website

Support program with discussion and payment proofs on BeerMoneyForum in itsshowtime thread.
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