HYIPS Season Report for June 15, 2020

This year has been very aggressive in the hyips industry, from good start to unexpected scam waves, tricky admins with new ideas for both sides, but mostly with negative effect, but also near bep-unplugs (alysdax, omegaclub). So now the stability rate for outside-industry hyips have gone down significantly. Keep reading this article to know about current situation and best picks with signals to skip most of the hyips that are live as of Today (the W/L % rate is now to near 10/90, so we have to be very picky now).

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Two giants to go soon

The time is ticking for both giants we know, as I’ve joined them both long time ago and they offer short-term cycles in returns, if you are not yet in profit in the ATTONBANK, then consider to work for quick strategy there. If we compare with previous programs, most likely we all remember the ATTOTRADE and other similar from the past, then the lifetime is now in the state of near-end. The COMEXTRADES have been successful for many cycles, as well the long “sleeper” time for it was profitable to many, but to compare other giants in the Gold Coders script and similar-design from the Legendary status then the lifetime is also now in the near-end based on these factors. I’m out from COMEXTRADES and keeping it for two completed rounds with this time.

Long term profitable wave going down

As the “big programs” are cutting the edge now, considering OMEGACLUB unexpected scam (now in problem – user got blocked after asking about payment delay), which was likely targeted-scam and tricked most of the industry investors to participate. Previous success from the similar unique-style (LASER and GOVBID) was the attracting factor for this program, also the inflow was actually good which now shown us greed and crossing a line, so we take this as a warning signal to skip the similar unique-style programs for the next upcoming seasons. Also now the long term programs which have already been launched are currently at risk, but there will be exceptions of course and possibly one of them might be the VENTURE-AVENUE as we see unusually high budget behind advertisements, which would work back admin in the high profitable returns only in the long term work, so I’ll stick to my strategy to add almost-weekly deposit there continuously. The other exception for possible long-term-run-ahead is definitely the WINZA as the program works way differently and not depending on standard-ponzi factors, their bankroll works together with gambling core which has a provably fair SHA256 system where all participants can confirm the randomness in W/L online casino by using any SHA256 convert tool, the unique batch is given before playing a game. The bankroll-hyip profit percentages come from the casino revenue so as long as people are gambling the long the system is working which may give us even years to participate in this program.

Good strategy for some short- to medium term

The CLARKSONTRADERS program wich by now completed even the month-after plan and going upwards in the positive growth rate (deposits and traffic), this may be even possible to see the 2nd one to complete based on advertisement strategy to push it forward. Admin is also with good communication to bloggers/promoters for quick support and program related details, at the moment though. I think it’s worth a try as it’s also mandatory to work with professionals in this industry. The LOANTECH administration is also with Legendary status and still active with high performance, even with the high-roi plan and high affiliate rewards which have turned out well and program growth is excellent in the organic levels now as of Today. I also must mention the GISSIS, besides the complaints-factor the program will most likely go forward as the Administration already explained these situations, so it definitely is one of the best pick as of now and I continue my regular deposits in this program.

GISSIS took a negative effect but continues

We know the GISSIS have been successful for many cycles in the short- to medium term. Program administration is doing professional job to push program forward and have done a good job in the past with obvious-similarity program ZONDERS (hyiplogs). There have been some complaints in the past for the GISSIS (February 7 and May 28), which were all explained:

Compared with previous success which also took similar effects from some complaints then it works more for program longer sustainability as the deposits won’t high up too drastically, so it is even possible scenario that the Admin is doing it in purpose for program to maintain as long as possible (or a lucky factor). Based on these factors there are many upcoming cycles for both the short- and medium term plans in the program. I am continuously re-investing my deposit after every cycle in GISSIS.

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