No inflow, scammed

Highly Profitable Sport review

Even it was active and paying for few months, program got no inflow from the hyip industry or outside since admin made bad advertisement marketing for program. It dried out and died and went offline.

Investment plans

$10 – $350 / Return 120%

2% Daily for 10 Calendar Days, Principal Back

Instant payments

Payments accepted from PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and NixMoney. All operations including withdrawals are processed instantly. Minimum deposit is ten dollars in the first plan.

Single level affiliate system

Affiliate system is designed one level of 10% from direct referrals deposit amounts to your account balance which you may invest or withdraw.

Technical features

Program website is hosted on Cloudflare with unique custom script and design. Connection installed with working SSL: CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 valid from 01 Nov, 2018 to 01 Nov, 2019 – CloudFlare, Inc.

Earning examples

You would receive $1 daily to your account balance on every calendar day. These earnings can be withdrawn at any time. Complete cycle will take 10 calendar days and then your full investment principal is returned to your account balance ($50). Total: $1 * 10 = $10 net profit. With returned principal you have earned back $60 (120%).

My investment portfolio

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Activity log in program

Jan 8, 2019: Finished round #1 with a result of 120% following 10 USD profit.
Dec 29, 2018: Joined with 50 USD deposit.

Insurance campaign

Program scammed, contest ended. Minimum amount required was 30 USD to participate.

  • No deposit, 5 USD

Payment screenshots