Stable short term "sleeper"

Fundvister review

Since launch on October 4, 2018 the program have completed 10-day cycles continuously without taking a break. Considering the basic Gold Coders design factor we can say it is yet a “sleeper” which is expected to get new layout design and more investment plans soon. There are two investment plans to go as of Today, following with deposits allowed up to $500.
Keep your one active spend up to $150 to one of the investment plans and you'll keep the line positive. Don't ruin it with higher amount active deposit and we'll do well in this program.
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Investment plans

$25 – $500 / Return 111.5%

1.15% Daily for 5 Calendar Days, Principal Back

$10 – $500 / Return 115%

115% After 10 Calendar Days, Principal Included

Instant payments

Various payment options in program, you may add deposits from PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash. All operations including withdrawals are processed instantly from program. Manual withdraw for cryptocurrencies though.

Single level affiliate system

The affiliate system is one level of 1% from direct referrals deposits to your account balance which you may withdraw or invest. You don’t need to have active deposit to earn referral commissions.

Technical features

Program website is hosted on Cloudflare, it is running on licenced Gold Coders script, program layout design is basic. SSL connection active: CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 valid from 04 Oct, 2018 to 04 Oct, 2019 – CloudFlare, Inc.

Earning examples

You would receive $0.57 daily to your account balance on every calendar day. These earnings can be withdrawn at any time. Complete cycle will last 10 calendar days and then your full investment principal is returned to your account balance ($50). Total: $0.57 * 10 = $5.70 net profit. With returned principal you have earned back $55.70 (115%).

Your investment principal ($50) and earnings are locked for 10 days and after maturity you will gain back $57.50 following $7.50 net profit which is included. With included principal you have earned back $57.50 (115%).

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Activity log in program

Apr 20, 2019: Finished round #3 with a result of 115% following 7.50 USD profit.
Apr 8, 2019: Went for round #3 with 50 USD deposit, to after-plan.
Mar 22, 2019: Finished round #2 with a result of 115% following 7.50 USD profit.
Mar 11, 2019: Went for round #2 with 50 USD deposit, to after-plan.
Feb 23, 2019: Finished round #1 with a result of 130% following 15 USD profit.
Feb 12, 2019: Cycle finished and re-invested 50 USD deposit.
Feb 1, 2019: Joined with 50 USD deposit, to after-plan.

Insurance campaign

This program is extended to two latest investors with deposits of 50 USD and up with the following collected prizes. Deposit must have been done in the time frame when program is processing payouts (I have received referral commission on my wallet).

  • Hype (5 USD)
  • Donisk (5 USD)

Fundvister dashboard screen

Payment screenshots