ETHTRADE Overview (Scam)

Current status of ETHTRADE.ORG – Is it a SCAM?
This long term program ETHTRADE is no longer processing payouts, it’s a scam. Do not invest. 

How much money can I make in this program?

The average “trading” by program owners will return users profits from 7.5 to 8.1% business weekly with business daily accruals (Mon-Fri). You may select for how many days your principal will be held in the program, the most recommended choice is 60 days as then will no fee to be applied for releasing principal.

0.0187 BTC profit made from total invested 0.05 BTC  137%
Launch date: May 30, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 130% +
1 cycle = 60 days
Withdrawals processing: Manually within 3 business days
Payments accepted: Bitcoin Ethereum

Affiliate commission: 3% – 2% – 1% (3 levels)


From 25% Monthly for 2 Months, Principal Back

Feb 12, 2017: Released my deposit, made 137.40%, following profit of 0.0187 BTC.
Nov 15, 2016: Joined with 0.05 BTC deposit.

Latest investor: ETH523765
Contest is currently ended. Winner received 0.02 BTC prize. Congratulations!

3 thoughts on “ETHTRADE Overview (Scam)”

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  2. I created and funded a new portfolio in my account with ethereum 12JAN2017. As of today, 18JAN2017 there is no indication of any kind from Ethtrade that this new portfolio was created or even exists. As suggested by Ethtrade support I have supplied my login, the payment amount, and all relevant details including TxHash, Block Height, TimeStamp, From address and To address. I have provided this information two times to ethtrade support and yet received no actionable response. I have only received a message from ethtrade support, in poor english, quoted here, “send us please hash operation he looks like 0xbe2d81ec7705201aa731309850a60e4fe26ae9bb72fdaf60ed48de9db4939eac you can search it in transaction history in you wallet”. To my knowledge I have no wallet with Ethtrade, so that is a meaningless suggestion. Thus so far my money has disappeared and I have no one to go to for resolution at Ethtrade. their support continues to be truly horrible.

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