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Dexau Enterprise high yield investment program launched on July 23, 2019. At the earliest stage program offered two types of investment plans including a piggybank plan of 0.3% daily earnings until principal released and the 10-week plan of 13% weekly returns which was principal-included. Even program converted all deposits to USD values while only Bitcoin was accepted it never let down investors in both investment plans. Some upgrades took place on March 30, 2020 which included new design, new investment plans in the short and medium term, also new payment systems and increased affiliate system. Most of the investors invested only on short term plan and didn’t invest to medium term plan, which may harmed the program sustainability and withdrawals processing ended completely since April 14, 2020. Program scammed since then and is no longer active. Was a good one as a sleeper though, many investors made good profit out from it.




Hosting: Cloudflare, Inc. (USA)

Script: Unique, advanced

Design: Unique, professional

SSL: EV SSL valid from 31 Oct, 2019 to 31 Oct, 2020 – Sectigo Limited

! It's a SCAM, payments processing ended

! Following details for historic purposes

Investment plans

Short to Medium term plans

The 30-days plan is most suggested for investment


From $25

107% After 5 Calendar Days

Principal Included


From $50

2.1% Daily for 30 Calendar Days

Principal Back


Earning $1.05 daily. Principal can be requested back anytime after 10 days without fee. Examples shown with deposits (principal) released.

$ 0
Returned In 10 Days
$ 0
Returned In 20 Days
$ 0
Returned In 1 Month
$ 0
Returned In 48 Days


Earning $4.20 daily. Principal can be requested back anytime after 10 days without fee. Examples shown with deposits (principal) released.

$ 0
Returned In 10 Days
$ 0
Returned In 20 Days
$ 0
Returned In 1 Month
$ 0
Returned In 48 Days


Payments accepted

USD conversion for all payments.

perfect_moneyCreated with Sketch.

Minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal

Maximum deposit

Withdrawals processing time

25 USD


100 000 USD

Manual, up to 48 hours

Affiliate rewards system

Earning extra from direct referrals


From direct referrals investment amount to your account balance.

Your deposit is not required to participate in affiliate program.

My investment portfolio

Total spent $600

Made good profit our from it

0 %

No referral commissions included

Apr 14, 2020: Scammed, my over all result was 121.3% following 128 USD profit.
Mar 5, 2020: Broke Even (100%) total, profits to follow.
Feb 11, 2020: Went for round #3 with 200 USD deposit, to weekly-plan.
Feb 10, 2020: Finished round #2 with a result of 130% following 60 USD profit.
Jan 14, 2020: Broke Even (100%) total, profits to follow.
Dec 1, 2019: Went for round #2 with 200 USD deposit, to weekly-plan.
Dec 1, 2019: Finished round #1 with a result of 130% following 60 USD profit.
Nov 18, 2019: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
Sep 22, 2019: Joined with 200 USD deposit, to weekly-plan.

Insurance contest

Requirements for participation

Join from

Minimum deposit


Upline: Lime

50 USD (or more)

Not from balance


  • DX7728627006 (10 USD)
  • 44jmason44 (10 USD)
  • tara108 (10 USD)
  • Free Slot (10 USD)
  • Free Slot (10 USD)

About this contest

This contest was extended to five latest investors with the following prizes. Contest ended, participants received prize notification which can be claimed until June 16th, 2020.

Payment screenshots

Check also


Detailed technical data

My friend invested


Please register BMF from here.



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  1. Super amazing program with a very costly script
    This project is paying since a long long time and its running really well paying good returns
    Withdrawals are paid really fast as well
    My recent investment here is proving to be very profitable 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00698629 BTC
    2020-04-06 14:32

    0.00232500 BTC
    2020-04-08 14:33

  2. This is a very good program guys
    Project recently made a new design and plans and I got to tell you it is indeed amazing
    This program shouts out a legendary admin in the making
    I have made a withdrawal of my principal and it was paid fast
    I made sure to make a new investment as well in the mid term plan 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00224635 BTC
    2020-03-13 20

    0.00126534 BTC
    2020-03-20 15:08

    0.00123632 BTC
    2020-03-26 15:22

    0.06255122 BTC
    2020-03-31 14:33

    NEW Deposit batch –

    0.06277809 BTC
    2020-03-31 17:48

  3. This program has been running really well guys and I have been earning really great returns too
    I made sure to make a reinvestment from my account balance as my plan expired
    I am very happy with this project 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00118431 BTC
    2020-03-02 14:42

    0.00041056 BTC
    2020-03-03 14:49

    Reinvestment from Account balance – $400

  4. Beautiful sleeper
    Pays really fast on all the days
    I have been earning here since months now and soon will make a new deposit too 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00087377 BTC
    2020-02-20 15:23

  5. Super nice paying sleeper with a good and expensive script
    I am happy to be a part of this 🙂
    Soon to reinvest and earn more

    Payment batch –

    0.00093128 BTC
    2020-02-12 14:3

  6. Amazing sleeper program
    My plan will soon expire and i will make sure to make a reinvestment as well
    I think this is a solid sleeper and will do wonders 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00146041 BTC
    2020-02-05 14:33

  7. Beautiful sleeper program
    I am very happy to be earning here stable returns
    The script is unique and i think the redesign should be amazing 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00115338 BTC
    2020-01-24 14:4

  8. This sleeper has been paying since a long time and running really well
    You should really make sure to get in here and gain good returns on a daily basis
    I like how it has been running so well 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00097417 BTC
    2020-01-16 15:21

  9. What an amazing sleeper with a unique script
    I am happy with the profits here
    I am also certain this will run for a long long time 🙂
    Do not miss this opportunity

    Payment batch –

    0.00114208 BTC
    2020-01-04 00:02

    0.00093034 BTC
    2020-01-10 15:14

  10. Very good sleeper project
    The withdrawals are paid really fast from the program even in the sleeping stage
    I am very happy 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00114173 BTC
    2019-12-30 14:37

  11. This sleeper is paying very good for sure
    I have been earning very stable returns and loving each and every part of the process
    The withdrawals are also processed fast 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00134259 BTC
    2019-12-20 16:09

  12. Very good sleeper we have here
    This program has returns which are very stable and paying since a long time as well
    My withdrawals are paid quickly too 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00116362 BTC
    2019-12-13 15:40

  13. This program is a very good sleeper with amazingly stable returns and definitely in for the long run
    I am receiving my withdrawals very fast 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00100473 BTC
    2019-11-26 15:22

    0.00163692 BTC
    2019-12-05 14:55

  14. I was paid again from this nice sleeper project
    I am certain this one will run for a long time
    The profits are small but very stable and i am confident here 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00092036 BTC
    2019-11-20 14:41

  15. This sleeper is doing very well and i am sure it will do wonderful in all terms as well
    The profits are nice and stable
    The project is also running since a long time 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00083131 BTC
    2019-11-11 3:04 PM

    0.00055870 BTC
    2019-11-14 14:45

  16. This sleeper has been paying very well and good stable returns
    I like it here and the withdrawals are paid very fast as well 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.0007295 BTC
    2019-10-21 09:05:08

    0.0018309 BTC
    2019-11-04 2:33 PM

  17. I am paid again from this really nice sleeper
    I like how it is well planned guys and can go on for a long run
    Very much confident with the strategy here 🙂

    Payment batch –

    0.00075883 BTC
    2019-10-07 09:03:09

    0.00041721 BTC
    2019-10-09 16:48:00

    0.00086682 BTC
    2019-10-15 09:36:14

  18. I invested in here total of $400/0.04830527 Btc in the daily plan
    This sleeper looks very stable and will run for a long time, the plans say so 🙂

    Deposit batch –

    0.04830527 BTC
    2019-09-30 16:39:59

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