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They offer trading bots which provide daily profit to your account balance. Profit from 0.56% daily on your investments.


Withdrawals processed instantly in program.

DeepTradeBot review

The DeepTradeBot high yield investment program launched and processing payments since February 29, 2020. Even it’s online for a while already then program is known in the industry since early May, 2020 when 1st monitor listing was bought. The advertisement strategy is well going since May as there are several sources and continuous discussions about the DeepTradeBot services, which is a good sign. Several investors reporting payments from deposits of over $500 as well, which gives us confidence to increase our investments in this one. The investment plans are wise and from 3rd plan it is required to complete investment in the previous plan first which is a wise strategy for program to perform in the long term. Overall the program is very well prepared with unique features such as design and the trading bot rental concept and based on the statistics it looks to work for stability in the long term. All technical factors green, program is in good health as of Today.

How Does It Work?




Welcome to deepTradeBot, a unique fusion of Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. DeepTradeBot is a trading robot that makes profit from the margin of digital assets prices, on various trading platforms, making the maximum from the slightest changes in the world market. Today, the robot has 4 trading modes. Each of them becomes active at the right time, and allows to stay on top regardless of the current market situation.

High frequency trading

Analyses price sensitivity on the platforms by their order books, that can not be tracked by eye. To do this, the bot collects every change in the order book and evaluates the relative probability of price movement up or down.

Arbitrage trading

The simplest model, always available, but making a yield of 5% to 15%. It always provides additional insurance if other strategies yield less than average.

Algorithmic trading

Based on technical indicators.

Trading with the help of fundamental analysis

Taking into account news “stuffing” through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

*This is official description how they generate revenue and how their mechanism works to offer investment services. This is usually just a story as all of the hyips works as a ponzi scheme.

Hosting: Cloudflare, Inc. (USA)

Script: Unique, professional

Design: Unique, professional

SSL: EV SSL valid from 23 Mar, 2020 to 23 Mar, 2021 – DigiCert Inc

! It's a SCAM, payments processing ended

! This program is in PAYING status as of NOW! Keep reading this review:

! Following details for historic purposes

Investment plans

Medium to long term plans

Variable investment plans from 30- to 90 calendar days cycle with locked principal. Daily earnings are in a floating rate, depending of a plan.

MiniBot 5 NFS

$15 – $250

0.56 – 0.66% Daily for 30 Days

Principal Back

*No fees deducted to activate this plan

StandartBot 10 NFS

$45 – $700

0.67 – 0.72% Daily for 60 Days

Principal Back

*10 USD fee deducted to activate this plan

ProBot 15 NFS

$100 – $2500

0.8 – 1.05% Daily for 90 Days

Principal Back

*25 USD fee deducted to activate this plan

NetPremium 40 NFS

$1000 – $10 000

1.01 – 1.52% Daily for 60 Days

Principal Back

*45 USD fee deducted to activate this plan

There are no VIP plans

There are no dangerous tricky "VIP" plans in this program, all plans work.


1st Exampleshown for 1st plan and the 2nd example shown for 2nd investment plan (fee deducted from principal). As you can see the profit is the same, so it’s better to stick to the 1st plan with low deposit amount as 2nd plan fee is 10 USD.

$ 0
Returned in 1 Month
$ 0
Returned in 2 Months


1st Example shown for 1st plan and the 2nd example shown for 2nd investment plan (fee deducted from principal).

$ 0
Returned in 1 Month
$ 0
Returned in 2 Months
$ 0
Returned in 3 Months


Payments accepted

USD conversion for all deposits.

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Minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal #2

Maximum deposit

Withdrawals processing time

15 USD

1 USD / 0.0001 BTC / 0.01 ETH / 0.01 LTC

1500 DOGE / 0.01 DASH / 0.01 BCH

10 000 USD

Instant (up to 12h)

Affiliate rewards system

Earning extra from multi-level referrals

3% – 1.5% – 1% – 0.5%

Of referrals deposit in trading balance to your account balance.

Your deposit is not required to participate in affiliate program.

My investment portfolio

Total spent $200

This is my 1st deposit

0 %

No referral commissions included

Jul 22, 2020: Joined with 200 USD deposit, to 2nd plan.

Referral commission back

RCB 50%

You may request referral commission back from any deposit amount you made. You may request RCB within 72 hours after deposit, otherwise the funds are moved to future insurance contest and you can’t recover it anyhow.

Referral program in this program is 3% which means 1.5% of your investment to trading balance is shared back to you from this blog.

Payment screenshots

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