This program is no longer paying as it scammed.

CRYPTONE Short Review

Program is gaining lifetime since November 10, 2017, which is a clear sign of low profile and to earn positive long term status depending on the lifetime and low visitors traffic in program website. As of now there is only one fixed investment plan with allowed only one active deposit of 50 USD maximum spend per cycle. This indicates the program early prepareness stage to open other three investment plans later. Currently you are able to earn 3.33% Daily for 60 Days, Principal Included (200% returns per cycle). Payments being accepted from PerfectMoney, Payeer and NixMoney. Withdrawals being processed manually within 24-hour time frame. Be advised that the minimum amount to withdraw is 5 USD. The affiliate system is one level of 6% from direct level referrals deposit amounts. Program is running on unique script with unique website design. The website is hosted on Dancom Ltd with active SSL: EssentialSSL COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2017-11-05 – 2018-11-05.

4.99 USD profit made from total invested 50 USD  110%
Launch date: Nov 10, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 200%
1 cycle = 60 days
Withdrawals processing: Manual
Payments accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer and NixMoney

Affiliate commission: 6% (one level)

My investments portfolio
Apr 23, 2018: Scammed, my result was 109.98% following 4.99 USD profit.
Apr 19, 2018: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
Mar 19, 2018: Joined with 50 USD deposit.

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Offer expired.

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