The Crypto Lending Profits LTD high yield investment program launched since November 24, 2020. Administration was overall weak for using used template and not even filled the features which were included on template, as well marketing work was poor. Admin was slow with payments processing at the late stage and simply failed with everything related to this program. Worked for 1 month just to earn ~100 USD for holidays gifts.




Hosting: Genius Security Ltd (United Kingdom)

Script: Gold Coders

Design: Custom logo, used template

SSL: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 29 Oct, 2020 to 30 Oct, 2021 – Sectigo Limited

! It's a SCAM, payments processing ended

! Following details for historic purposes

Investment plans

Three investment plans

First plan divided by amount of investment to three choices. Two plans designed to show low risk and provide significantly smaller earnings. Stick to the first "Basic" plan which provides higher earnings on your investment with the same risk level.


$25 – $2000

3% Daily for 55 Calendar Days

Principal Included


$2001 – $3000

3.5% Daily for 55 Calendar Days

Principal Included


From $3001

4.2% Daily for 55 Calendar Days

Principal Included

"Low Risk"

From $500

1% Daily “Forever”

Principal Included


From $100

3% Weekly “Forever”

Principal Included

There is dangerous VIP plan

From the 55-days plan the "Advanced" and "Premium" investment amounts required are very high and may put the whole project on risk for everyone.

Recommended investment amount

Maximum suggested 300 USD.


Examples shown for 1st plan. Principal included in examples.

$ 0
Returned in 2 Weeks
$ 0
Returned in 1 Month
$ 0
Returned in 6 Weeks
$ 0
Returned in 55 Days


Examples shown for 1st plan. Principal included in examples.

$ 0
Returned in 2 Weeks
$ 0
Returned in 1 Month
$ 0
Returned in 6 Weeks
$ 0
Returned in 55 Days


Payments accepted

USD conversion for all payments.

perfect_moneyCreated with Sketch.

Minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal

Maximum deposit

Withdrawals processing time

10 USD and crypto equivalent

1 USD and crypto equivalent

No limit

Manual up to 48 hours (Mon-Fri)

Affiliate rewards system

Earning extra from multi level referrals

5% – 2% – 1%

Of multi level referrals investment amount to your account balance.

Your deposit is not required to participate in affiliate program.

My investment portfolio

Total spent $100

This is my 1st deposit

0 %

No referral commissions included

Dec 27, 2020: Scammed, my result was 51% following 49 USD loss.
Dec 7, 2020: Joined with 100 USD deposit.

Payment screenshots

Check also


Detailed technical data


Please register BMF from here.





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  1. Info / Update: The admin change the plan:
    “Hello xxx,

    How are you? We’ve sent all payouts today.

    Anyway, we are heading for a long-term, and we are encouraging you to check our lifetime plan. You can invest as low as $10 and take advantage of our generous referral program.

    Our business is shifting its model as you know that trading always has a huge risk. Within a few days from now, the Basic, Advanced, Premium, and the Low-Risk plan will be discontinued, and it will be replaced with our Guaranteed Plans that earn 1% to 3% per week.

    It can affect you if you haven’t reached your ROI yet. Well, we do not want to hold your money if you no longer wish to continue working with us. You can email us regarding this if you’re going to pull out your remaining balance. Email us directly at

    It is also our great pleasure if you decide to continue investing with us with our new Guaranteed Plans. Remember, our generous referral program will remain as it is!

  2. Been with cryptolending for a while now and it never disappointed me, good platform and the system is great. My 103usd is now 260usd including referrals, I reinvest all my earnings. Aiming big with this long term program.

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