Hello everyone! I’m very happy to share another story with you of a hyip program which was never listed here in this blog as I was waiting for it’s stability factors to sustain which never happened as program scammed before, additionally compared with our Legendary one Ws Savior hyip in the industry deposits statistics.

Here, from the CORPORIO hyip progressed roadmap you can clearly see the problem from the beginning of new plan (upgrade) as follows.

April 17, 2019: Launched with two investment plans of 2.1% Daily for 60 Calendar Days, Principal Included (126% ROI per cycle) and the 0.35% Daily for 30 Calendar Days, Principal Back (110.5% ROI per cycle).

September 17, 2019: Upgraded design, new plan added of 2.15% Daily for 20 Calendar Days, Principal Back (143% ROI per cycle). Deposits increased for the next 7 days nearly 5000 USD total.

October 10, 2019: Pending withdrawals of new plan principals not returned within 48 hours, scammed.


These industry deposits show clear signs of no support to new investment plan and program unplugs payments for everyone who invested in new plan, also earlier ones who invested in previous long term plan.

Stability factors are most important for a hyip to provide trust and confidence to us, here is the main example of how program has to perform after design & plan upgrades as follows.

WSSAVIOR hyip upgrades after 280 days of deep sleep, returns principals to everyone and performs in a stable rate even today yet. Completed 3 cycles so far after upgrade. These programs definitely deserve support from all of the investors in the hyips world as here we see pure art of this scheme, not greed nor failures.

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