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Ceribo hyip launched and processing payments since October 1, 2018. It was previously launched as a designed sleeper with a low advertising strategy, just to collect some little investments and spread slowly in the hyip industry. On the September 2, 2019 there were various upgrades in program, including extended affiliate system, new design and new investment plans. Program performed in a good rate until crash on November 11, 2019 when it eventually “scammed“.

Ceribo hyip historic details

Investment plans

Earning examples

You would receive 0.00021 BTC daily to your account balance on every calendar day. These earnings can be withdrawn at any time. By the end of cycle of 15 calendar days you have earned net profit of 0.00315 BTC, you will also receive investment principal (0.01 BTC) back at the end of cycle following total returns of 0.01315 BTC (131.5%).

Your investment principal and earnings are locked for 15 Business Days (three weeks), when the cycle is passed then you will receive your investment principal (0.01 BTC) with generated 50% earnings (0.005 BTC) to your account balance, which you may withdraw. Total returns 0.015 BTC (150%).

Register here.
Deposit $100 to the program 2.1% Daily plan.

Hyip Intelligence strategy: Withdraw earnings daily, withdraw principal after finished cycle.

Manual payments

Payments are accepted from Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each currency holds it's own value. Withdrawals are processed manually in 24 bsuiness-hour time frame.

Multi level affiliate system

The affiliate system is designed three levels of 7% - 2% - 1% from multi-level referrals deposits to your account balance which you may withdraw or invest. You don’t need to have active deposit to earn referral commissions.

Technical features

Program website is hosted on Protection Fortes (Russian Federation), it is running on licenced GoldCoders script with unique advanced layout design. SSL connection with Extended Validation: EV SSL valid from 20 Feb, 2019 to 21 Feb, 2020 - Sectigo Limited

Ceribo hyip website preview

My investment portfolio

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* Referral commissions not included, this could be your ROI: Synchronize portfolio.

Activity log in program

Nov 4, 2019: Finished round #2 with a result of 131.5% following 25.20 USD profit.
Oct 18, 2019: Went for round #2 with 80 USD deposit, to daily-plan.
Oct 6, 2019: Finished round #1 with a result of 131.5% following 31.50 USD profit.
Sep 20, 2019: Joined with 100 USD deposit, to daily-plan.

ceribo.com Insurance Contest

This program was extended to three latest investors with deposits of 80 USD and up with the following prizes.

Ceribo hyip payment screenshots​


Please register to BMF here.





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