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Activity Log for Paying sites

Here you can read my Activity Log for all active hyip sites, click on title to read program review.

Jun 14, 2022: Joined with 20 USD deposit.

Jul 15, 2022: Finished round with a result of 120% following 4 USD profit.
Jun 26, 2022: Joined with 20 USD deposit, to 15-days plan.

24-Hour 100% Deposit Back Contest – Only in this blog!

24-Hour Contest for Hyip Intelligence followers

Get your 100% Deposit back after 24 hours


The concept of this contest is very simple and does not take more then just minimum deposit allowed in the hyip given. You just have to be a referral of this blog to given program which the contest is active for at a given time. To participate then you would add investment of at least minimum allowed deposit. When 24 hours timer runs out, then it’s over and one of the participant is selected using List Randomizer. One of the randomly generated participants will get the full amount of minimum accepted deposit back in no time (up to 24 hours). Do not ask in the chat if anyone is participating. Winner will be announced in the Public Chatroom if there is any one participating as well included in the contest log here.

New contest will start soon, check back later!

24 Hours contest live now


Minimum deposit 10 USD

Follow the RULES in order to QUALIFY for this contest

Good luck in the contest!

24 Hours contest history

July 21, 2021: Contest for PROXIMA8, no participants.
January 25, 2021: Contest for AXTRADER, no participants.
January 19, 2021: Contest for ROBOTOP, no participants.
January 18, 2021: Contest for ROBOTOP, no participants.
January 17, 2021: Contest for AXTRADER, winner Eclipse90.
January 16, 2021: Contest for AXTRADER, no participants.
December 9, 2020: Contest for CRYPTOLENDINGPROFITS, no participants.
November 18, 2020: Contest for MYPASSIVEINCOME, no participants.
November 17, 2020: Contest for ORANGETRADE, winner Eclipse90.
November 16, 2020: Contest for DOGEBOX, no participants.
November 15, 2020: Contest for DOGEBOX, no participants.
November 14, 2020: Contest for VIA, no participants.
November 13, 2020: Contest for DEEPTRADEBOT, no participants.
November 12, 2020: Contest for VIA, no participants.
November 3, 2020: Contest for DOGEBOX, no participants.
November 1, 2020: Contest for DOGEBOX, no participants.
October 18, 2020: Contest for DEEPTRADEBOT, no participants.

Divide Strategy for May 21, 2019 / Archive: Updated with results!

What happened next?

All three portfolios were profitable. Cycle lasted 60 days for all portfolios which were leaded by GAINS when it scammed exactly 60 calendar days after publishing this post. One program had negative portfolio, possibly some of the members gained principal back from MERCELA but others didn’t so I inlcuded the ROI to 22% in MERCELA. Cycle in MERCELA lasted 15 calendar days, which scammed on 16th day from this post, but since withdrawals were processed manually then possibly most of the principals were stuck in program. Good results overall! Check the stats below:


Another business week has begun in this growing hot Hyip season, in this article I’ll guide you for the best investment possibilities in the industry now. As experienced hyip investors already know to divide spend, then I’ve also included our goal to all terms from the most realistic profitable hyip programs where I’ve invested myself. Make sure to divide as focusing on one program would be very destructive gambling strategy, this is not our mission. Good luck and thank you for reading.

Your total capital to spend

$1000 must be enough for growing hyip season, also $100 total would be good start. You may always add deposits from returns or re-invest after first week results, but this all would be better if you’ve made to overall profit zone. Don’t forget that no hyip won’t last forever, they will all stop payments processing at some point of time. I’ve included three different goals depending on the amount you are willing to spend in this process. Decide and follow your color:




Long term picks, our main investment seeds (1/3)

Half of the total spend is neccessary to decrease total portfolio risk levels and receive long term payouts, also to receive higher roi in total. Depending on your spend budget, here are the following long term suggestions for investments.

$50 to default plan

$125 to default plan

$125 to default plan

$200 to default plan

$200 to default plan

Medium term picks, main income (2/3)

Medium term is the most popular term in the whole industry, but also with increased risk levels it’s mandatory to make deep research on programs as over half of the available programs in this area won’t reach to profit zone.

$30 to daily plan

$100 to daily plan

$50 to default plan

$200 to daily plan

$100 to default plan

$100 to first plan

Short term picks, increased income (3/3)

All the rest in our divided spend goes to short term investments. Even mainly the short term programs are gambling in this business then there actually are some good stable and silent short term programs to pick for additional increased income in our portfolio.

$20 to 3-day plan

$50 to 3-day plan

$50 to 5-day plan

$100 to default plan; Re-invest 3 days

$50 to 3-day plan

$50 to 5-day plan

Important reminder! Hyips are risky and may scam at any point of time, close payments or disappear at any time. At the moment when this post was published then all mentioned hyip programs were at their best financial performance and had good reputation. Good luck to you and enjoy your earnings.

Hyip Intelligence HYIP Blog

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GATE Overview – Trading Platform for over 70 Crypto Currencies

I have now tested GATE for a while and I do like it for some good reasonable benefits comparing the other ones. Currently I have not discovered any problems in this trading site, all operations work instantly.

  • No verification required for identity
  • Low exchange fee (0.2% ETH)


This program upgraded from hyip to exchange site, status is unknown.


In this medium to long term program you would earn from 2 – 6% Daily, depending on their inflow to program until you earn 150%, principal included (it takes around 40 days). Payments being accepted from Bitcoin only. Withdrawals being processed manually within 24 hours. The affiliate system is three levels of 7% – 2% – 1% from multi level referrals deposit amounts. Program website is hosted on Incapsula with SSL: GlobalSign CloudSSL CA – SHA256 – G3 GlobalSign nv-sa, valid: 2017-11-01 – 2018-10-21. Program is running on unique advanced script and design.

0.01 BTC profit made from total invested 0.02 BTC  150%

Launch date: Nov 9, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 150%
1 cycle = 40 days
Withdrawals processing: Manual, up to 24 hours
Payments accepted: Bitcoin

Affiliate commission: 7% – 2% – 1% (3 levels)

Script: Unique, advanced
Hosting: Incapsula
SSL: GlobalSign CloudSSL CA – SHA256 – G3 GlobalSign nv-sa, valid: 2017-11-01 – 2018-10-21

My investments portfolio
Dec 11, 2017: Finished round with a result of 150% following 0.01 BTC profit.
Dec 3, 2017: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
Nov 14, 2017: Joined with 0.02 BTC deposit.

Latest Investor Contest

Contest expired, no winner. This program is no longer a hyip and all investors finished their cycles with no loss.

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