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Hello everyone! I’m very happy to share another story with you of a hyip program which was never listed here in this blog as I was waiting for it’s stability factors to sustain which never happened as program scammed before, additionally compared with our Legendary one Ws Savior hyip in the industry deposits statistics.

Here, from the CORPORIO hyip progressed roadmap you can clearly see the problem from the beginning of new plan (upgrade) as follows.

April 17, 2019: Launched with two investment plans of 2.1% Daily for 60 Calendar Days, Principal Included (126% ROI per cycle) and the 0.35% Daily for 30 Calendar Days, Principal Back (110.5% ROI per cycle).

September 17, 2019: Upgraded design, new plan added of 2.15% Daily for 20 Calendar Days, Principal Back (143% ROI per cycle). Deposits increased for the next 7 days nearly 5000 USD total.

October 10, 2019: Pending withdrawals of new plan principals not returned within 48 hours, scammed.


These industry deposits show clear signs of no support to new investment plan and program unplugs payments for everyone who invested in new plan, also earlier ones who invested in previous long term plan.

Stability factors are most important for a hyip to provide trust and confidence to us, here is the main example of how program has to perform after design & plan upgrades as follows.

WSSAVIOR hyip upgrades after 280 days of deep sleep, returns principals to everyone and performs in a stable rate even today yet. Completed 3 cycles so far after upgrade. These programs definitely deserve support from all of the investors in the hyips world as here we see pure art of this scheme, not greed nor failures.

Visit Ws Savior website
Read Ws Savior complete review
Read my success story in Ws Savior


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Hello everyone! I’m very happy to share my success story about the Ws Savior hyip program with you! Even I didn’t join the program in the early stage then I kept eye on this one for quite some time. It is not important to join hyip in the early stage, as the industry have changed a lot within last few years, it’s a common mistake the new hyip investors do and they fail & leave the industry early having no clue how possible the earning in this industry really is.

My first spend of $50 to Ws Savior was on January 26, this year. Completed full cycle and took a break from program until March 27. Now added double deposit ($100) and re-invested again after completing cycle on May 17. Few weeks later I Broke Even (100%) my total spend of $150 to this program and have withdrawn earnings since then, without taking my investment principal back but the opposite – I always re-invest it after completed cycle.

The Ws Savior hyip have provided me total of $125 earnings of pure net profit and counting daily since June 8.

You are free to browse my earnings and withdrawals information below.

Earnings: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Withdrawals screenshots in a review post.

Physically returns on my investments are 225% as I already received first principal back to my wallet and the $100 is providing me these returns now. Not to ruin any good possibilities then you must avoid the VIP plans, as this most likely will be destructive on some day. Next to that I am very happy about the working Plan 1 investment plan in Ws Savior hyip.


Good luck to you all!

Trading cryptos is risky as we know. These values might rise up or fall down at any time and moment. But it’s easy and instant in several trading platforms with no time limit or high fees. Without additional knowledge you may just gamble in exchanging if you wish, but maintaining profitable trading portfolio requires additional work a little, hopefully you’ll learn from my article of how I started it all. Here is what I’ve learned and I would like to show you a platform GATE, which isn’t so popular, but the benefits seem to exceed popular rivals indeed.


First when I found it, then I noticed there was no user verification required, no ID or passport copy nor other sensitive details. Just pick up any username you wish, load your coins and start trading.  Gate has very low fees in exchanging as well withdrawing coins, which is always good. For example in trading it’s just 0.2% and withdrawing 1 ETH would cost you fixed 0.003 ETH + 0% fee. All operations are instant in GATE trading platform.

Let’s continue with basics in cryptocurrencies trading.

1. How to check values and history graphs for different coins?

At GATE website front page, when you open up preferred market from the four available markets (USDT/BTC/ETH/QTUM) then all the coins listed in GATE can be bought and sold in the selected market. USDT stands for “USD Tether“, which is a coin following USD value, 1 USD = 1 USDT. Here is the visual look of the cryptocurrencies list under USDT Market, I sorted it from “24h Change”, you can see these beautiful results here:

2. Researching coin and work in progress

It’s useful to research coins with lowest values, make sure they will rise and buy them.

The goal would be sell them later when they are expensive. To do that, we should use some tools for coin research. Check COINMARKETCAP website, type coin name in the search field, open it up and you are now able to check following details for every cryptocurrency.

Overall rank
first 100 in ranking are safer to trade, as their market capitalization is higher.

Cryptocurrency website
Be aware the information and plans, workin in progress might be fake to attract people investing in their project.

Check transactions activity for  selected coin.

Message board
Read their interviews and posts related to growth in the market.

Telegram group chat related to selected coin, check other people opinions, discuss it.

News and discussion in the bitcointalk forum for selected coin.

It’s useful to buy a coin or token at lowest value, when you are confident about their work in progress and it really seems to you the value may rise again, then buy it. Then set your preferred sell value, when it meets your goal, the exchange will take place automatically, even when you’re logged off from GATE.

Complete cryptocurrency trading tutorial

First load USD Tether balance to start.

I made a small transaction from my Ethereum wallet to my GATE Ethereum wallet and exchanged it to USD Tether balance.

Buy selected cryptocurrency in USDT Market and set your price to sell it automatically, under “Coin to USDT” change USD value to higher, for example if you’ve bought coin for 50 USD, then to make 150% out from it with 50% net profit, set the value to 75 USD. Then press the red sell button and now you can see your trade is active under “Open orders” when you open up your wallets page in GATE.

That’s it! You can cancel trade at any time, by opening your trade from your orders page and the amount of coins you’ve bought you still own them, when it happens the coin value falls down, as well market capitalization and activity stops then unfortunately you most likely lost it. That is the risk you have to understand, trading might be risky as well.

By registering to GATE with my referral link, they offer 10% discount from all your trading fees for 12 months. It’s not much since the fees are very low, but it sure comes in handy.


Jump to GATE.IO registration page


Thank you for reading and good luck!


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