BTC-CONSULT Overview (Scam)

This Bitcoin-only medium term Program BTC-CONSULT is no longer active, the withdrawals were cut off on February 28, 2017. Program was paying for 23 days. Do not invest, it’s a scam.

BTC-CONSULT Short Review

Program accepts deposits from 0.01 BTC and will return 6 – 8% Daily variously, depending of their mechanism productivity. Investment principal is included in daily returns, no option to receive it back, which is main factor for stability and growth. Payments are accepted from Bitcoin only and withdrawals being processed instantly. The Affiliate plan is one level of 5% deposit amount by your referrals, your deposit is not required to participate in the affiliate plan. Program is using H-Script and is hosted on OVH-SAS, SSL is Active: PositiveSSL COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2017-01-30 – 2018-01-30.

-0.03015 BTC from total invested 0.15 BTC  80%

Launch date: February 5, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 120% / 150% / 200% (examples)
1 cycle = 17 days / 21 days / 29 days (examples)
Withdrawals processing: Instantly
Payments accepted: Bitcoin

Affiliate commission: 5% (1 level)

Script: H-Script (Licenced)
Hosting: OVH SAS
SSL: PositiveSSL COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2017-01-30 – 2018-01-30

Feb 28, 2017: Stopped payouts, my result was 79.90% following loss of 0.03015 BTC.
Feb 16, 2017: Added deposit of 0.05 BTC.
Feb 16, 2017: Joined with 0.10 BTC admin-sponsored deposit.

Latest investor contest winner: hoferthomas1995 / Feb 19, 2017
0.02 BTC prize was shared: TX

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