Profitable long term, over now

Bizzilion SCAM review

Program was launched on June 6, 2018 and ran with medium term plan of 5.36% Daily for 21 Days, Principal Included (112.56% per cycle) until early November, 2018 when Administration added new powerful design with new long term plans. The new plans were profitable for a while since program operated continuously 200 days when payment problems took place since on May 23, 2019. A lot of investors made good profits in the first two months after upgrade.

Historic details

Investment plans

From $10 / Return 215%

0.8% Daily for 144 Calendar Days, Principal Back

From $10 / Return 159%

2.15% Daily for 74 Calendar Days, Principal Included

 Return 846% to 1020%

846% to 1020% After 144 Business Days, Principal Included

Manual payments

Payments processing used to be instant, then within time changed to manual and increased to 120-business hour time frame before scam.

Multi level affiliate system

The affiliate system is designed three levels of 12% - 2% - 1% from multi-level referrals deposits to your account balance which you may withdraw or invest. You don’t need to have active deposit to earn referral commissions.

Technical features

Program is running on licenced Gold Coders script. The website is hosted on Cloudflare with active EV SSL: GeoTrust EV RSA CA 2018, valid from August 13th 2018 to August 13th 2019.

Earning examples

You would earn $0.40 daily to your account balance for 144 calendar days, your investment principal is locked for this period, it will be released after investment cycle completion. Return on your investment would be $0.40 * 144 days = $57.60 net profit + $50 returned principal = $107.60 following 215% total returns.

My investment portfolio

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Activity log in program

Nov 11, 2018: Finished round #2 with a result of 112.35% following 0.000988 BTC profit.
Nov 7, 2018: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
Oct 21, 2018: Went for round #2 with 0.008 BTC deposit.
Oct 11, 2018: Finished round #1 with a result of 112.56% following 0.00063 BTC profit.
Oct 9, 2018: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
Sep 20, 2018: Joined with 0.005 BTC deposit, to daily-plan.

Insurance campaign

Program scammed, contest ended. Minimum amount required was 20 USD to participate, no prize was collected.

Payment screenshots