BITSIGMA Overview: 5% Daily “Forever”

This medium term program BITSIGMA is no longer active and paying as it scammed. Do not invest.

BITSIGMA Short Review

In this medium term program you would earn 5% Daily “Forever”, Principal Included until program will stop payments processing to everyone at some point of time. Payments being accepted from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Dash. Withdrawals being processed instantly to Bitcoin and Litecoin and manually within 24-hour time frame to Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Dash. The affiliate system is three levels of 7% – 2% – 1% from multi-level referrals deposit amounts. Program is running on licenced Gold Coders script. The website is hosted on Dancom Ltd with active EV SSL: GeoTrust EV RSA CA 2018 DigiCert Inc, valid: 10 May 2018 – 10 May 2019.

-0.102619 ETH of total invested 0.21263 ETH  52%

Launch date: May 24, 2018
Expected ROI per cycle: 110% / 125% / 150%
1 cycle = 22 days / 25 days / 30 days
Withdrawals processing: Manual, up to 24 hours (Instantly to  Bitcoin and Litecoin)
Payments accepted: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Dash

Affiliate commission: 7% – 2% – 1% (three levels)

My investments portfolio
Jun 6, 2018: Scammed, my result was 51.74% following 0.102619 ETH loss.
May 25, 2018: Joined with 0.21263 ETH deposit.

RCB & Contest details
Offer expired.

Latest investor contest
Collected prize of 2 USD has been shared with winner johnsmith43210. Congratulations!

12 thoughts on “BITSIGMA Overview: 5% Daily “Forever””

  1. Nice running program guys
    The interest here is really good and stable
    I have been withdrawing here instantly everyday too 🙂

    Payment batch –


  2. Program is really doing great with the daily 5% interest and is amazing how i am paid instantly to my bitcoin wallet everyday
    Amazing indeed 🙂

    Payment batch –


  3. Program payed me again instantly to my bitcoin wallet
    This is amazing to see payouts even on weekends with my daily 5% interest
    Makes me happy to be here 🙂

    Payment batch –


  4. What a beautiful project guys
    I was again paid to my bitcoin wallet an interest of 5% which is really good returns and very much stable 🙂

    Payment batch –


  5. Program is top notch guys
    I get withdrawals here every day instantly and this time i was paid including some referral commissions which is wonderful 🙂

    Payment batch –


  6. I have been earning here from quite some time and i like how the project pays out 5% daily interest which is very much stable return 🙂
    I was paid instantly to my bitcoin wallet again today

    Payment batch –


  7. Project is doing very good with the instant payments
    I am able to withdraw my 5% profits everyday here guys
    I am happy that i joined this one as it seems stable 🙂

    Payment batch –


  8. Project is paying instantly to my bitcoin wallet and every withdrawal request sent
    I like how the project pays 5% daily which is very much stable and good for long run 🙂

    Payment batch –


  9. What a lovely project here
    I was paid instantly again to my bitcoin wallet
    This programs pays instantly and gives 5% interest everyday forever
    It also pays on weekends 🙂

    Payment batch –


  10. What an amazing project guys
    I was paid again instantly to my bitcoin wallet
    The project pays 5% daily to me and it is proving to be a good investment i have doen here 🙂

    Payment batch –


  11. Program is turning to be a very good investment guys
    I was again paid my interest of 5% and i on asking a withdrawal i was paid instantly to my bitcoin wallet which is impressive 🙂

    Payment batch –


  12. I invested yesterday into the program a total of 0.1 Btc
    Today i sent in a withdrawal request which was paid instantly to my bitcoin wallet
    Project has good returns which pays 5% daily forever and it seems like a nice plan 🙂

    Deposit batch –


    Payment batch –


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