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Bit Mine Club Ltd review

Launched on August 21, 2019 and processing payments instantly since then. Launch was quiet, very few industry monitors hired – this is important factor since program offers high-roi returns even on short term, it’s a piggybank type of hyip program offering great 0.16% hourly returns and you can leave from program anytime after first two days from investment and close the cycle. It is yet early to discuss stability factors for the program, but all technical and marketing factors are green and there are not any signs of earlier closure. Seems very promising piggybank hyip as of now.

Bit Mine Club Ltd program details

Investment plans

0.002 – 0.0199 BTC

0.16% Hourly (3.84% Daily) Forever, Principal Back anytime with 5% Fee

0.02 – 1.99 BTC

0.18% Hourly (4.32% Daily) Forever, Principal Back anytime with 5% Fee

0.2 – 1.99 BTC

0.20% Hourly (4.8% Daily) Forever, Principal Back anytime with 5% Fee

Instant payments

Payments are accepted from Bitcoin only. Dedicated curreny in program is in Bitcoin value, not depending of USD market. Deposits are recorded after third network confirmation automatically.

Multi level affiliate system

The affiliate system is designed three levels of 7% - 2% - 1% from multi-level referrals deposits to your account balance which you may withdraw or invest. You don’t need to have active deposit to earn referral commissions.

Technical features

Program website is hosted on Genius Security Ltd (United Kingdom), it is running on licenced GoldCoders script, program layout design is unique. SSL connection active: GeoTrust RSA CA 2018 valid from 20 Aug, 2019 to 19 Aug, 2020 – DigiCert Inc.

Earning examples

You would receive $1.92 daily to your account balance on every calendar day with hourly accruals ($0.08 / hour). These earnings can be withdrawn at any time. When you decide to take principal back after 20 days, then total: $1.92 * 20 days – $2.50 fee = $35.90 net profit + $50 principal = $85.90 (172%)

My investment portfolio

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Activity log in program

Aug 23, 2019: Joined with 100 USD deposit. Insurance Contest

This program is extended to three latest investors with deposits of 30 USD and up with the following fixed prizes.

  • gamedite (5 USD)
  • Hype (5 USD)

Payment screenshots