BITLAKE Overview (Scam)

This Bitcoin High Roi program BITLAKE is no longer active and paying, it scammed.

BITLAKE Short Review

In this Bitcoin High ROI program you would earn 10% Daily “Forever” until program will stop payments processing to everyone (explode). All operations in program, including withdrawals being processed instantly. To get your deposit recorded in program, it requires three network confirmations for your bitcoin transaction. The affiliate system in program is two levels of 5% – 1%. Program is hosted on TOV Higload Systems with active EV SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2017-07-18 – 2018-07-18. Website is running on licenced Gold Coders script with unique design.

-0 BTC of total invested 0.05 BTC  100%

Launch date: Aug 7, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 120% / 150% / 200% (examples)
1 cycle = 12 days / 15 days / 20 days (examples)
Withdrawals processing: Instant
Payments accepted: Bitcoin

Affiliate commission: 5% – 1% (2 levels)

Script: Gold Coders (Licenced)
Hosting: TOV Highload Systems
SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2017-07-18 – 2018-07-18

Aug 18, 2017: Program scammed, my result was 100%, no loss and profit.
Aug 8, 2017: Joined with 0.05 BTC deposit.

Latest investor: ianbtc19 / Aug 12, 2017
Contest ended. Winner received 0.01 BTC prize. Congratulations!



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  1. I invested in BITLAKE worth 0.01 btc just to try if it is paying.
    But now they turned into scam.
    But I have found an alternative site to recover my investment.

    Get 10% profit on your investment daily.
    Register and invest your desire amount min 0.001
    Receive a 10% bonus for free on your first investment

    Tested and Proven with payment proof
    I got 2 Consecutive days of Withdrawal
    Join now
    Thanks me later

  2. is a scam they are NOT PAYING so guys posting their link here to GET REFFERALS..STOP. Its a SCAM SCAM SCAM.

    1. The same swindlers of bitisland are the owners of bitlake and now they want to continue stealing. Do not be left to cheat these they are a few SWINDLERS

      1. Hello, Lime

        I want to be in the contest for Bitlake
        I have use you (Lime) as a referal
        I have started from 13 Aug (0.0012 BTC)


    1. i have a .0080000 that is not even
      pending yet as of 7;30 bitlake server time
      two hours have past and still in request

      tread lightly

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