BITFLARE Overview (Scam)

This Bitcoin PiggyBank program BITFLARE is no longer active, it limited withdrawals on May 4 and stopped withdrawals processing completely on the next day. It’s a scam, do not invest.

BITFLARE Short Review

In this Bitcoin PiggyBank you would earn from 0.15% Hourly (3.60% Daily) “Forever”, until you release principal back after first 24 hours at any time for 5% fee. Payments are accepted from Bitcoin only and withdrawals being processed instantly from program. The affiliate system is one level of 5% from direct referrals deposit amounts, your deposit is not required to participate in the affiliate plan. Program is using unique or undetected script and is hosted on DDoS-Guard with active SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2017-03-30 – 2018-03-30.

0.0223 BTC profit made from total invested 0.10 BTC  122%

Launch date: April 24, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 120% / 140% / 175% (examples)
1 cycle = 7 days / 12 days / 22 days (examples)
Withdrawals processing: Instantly
Payments accepted: Bitcoin

Affiliate commission: 5% (1 level)

Script: Unique
Hosting: DDoS-Guard
SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2017-03-30 – 2018-03-30

May 4, 2017: Released full deposit, my result was 122.30% following 0.0223 BTC profit.
Apr 26, 2017: Joined with 0.10 BTC deposit.

Latest investor: Raxephone / May 4, 2017
Winner received 0.02 BTC prize, congratulations!


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