ANOBTC Overview (Hacked)

This Bitcoin PiggyBank program ANOBTC is no longer Paying, the API system in program was hacked and the payments were switched off on February 28, 2017. Do not invest!

ANOBTC Short Review

The earnings in program are 0.16% Hourly (3.84% Daily) fixed for all deposit amounts (maximum accepted is 66 BTC). The investment principal can be requested back at any time after first 24 hours for 7% investment fee. Program accepts Bitcoin only, all operations are instant in program. For deposit to record, it will require 4 confirmations in Bitcoin network for transaction (your deposit is recorded usually within a hour). Affiliate plan in program is fixed 7% from downline spend amount and does not require your own deposit to participate.

-0.16848 BTC from total invested 0.25 BTC  33%
Launch date: February 20, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 120% / 150% / 200% (examples)
1 cycle = 7 days / 15 days / 28 days (examples)
Withdrawals processing: Instantly
Payments accepted: Bitcoin

Affiliate commission: 7% (1 level)

Script: Unique (Advanced)
Hosting: TOV Highload Systems
SSL: PositiveSSL COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2017-02-20 – 2018-02-02

Feb 27, 2017: Program was hacked, my total result was 32.61% following 0.16848 BTC loss
Feb 23, 2017: Added 4 x 0.05 BTC deposits.

Feb 21, 2017: Joined with 0.05 BTC deposit.

Latest investor contest winner: veenuatwal / Feb 26, 2017
0.02 BTC prize was shared: TX

One thought on “ANOBTC Overview (Hacked)”

  1. My deposited 0.02 btc is pending in anobtc. Is there any chance to get my btc back? Anobtc will be back?
    Are they trying for defend against hacker? Please hyip-intelligence send me an email with answer. Those btc was my whole main. My investing will be stopped if I don’t get those btc back. Please send me review.😫😫

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