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Here you can see several exchanges which in my opnion are the best in rates and reliable I found. I am using both of them in almost daily basis, depends of what I exactly need. Read about them, see my comparison and you might be interested as well. Thank you for reading.



The best advantage of it is the good exchange rate. CoinSwith has integrated several working exchanges and it processes exchange in their website, the system works for all exchanges in the same way. Can be used to exchange over 300 crypto currencies. This one is professional, people even buy cryptocurrency with credit cards there (feature powered by Simplex).

Pros and Cons



BestChange is a collection of different currency changers, all in one place to compare best rates possible. There is also voting enabled to read exchange service reviews before making exchange. Most of the exchanges included are Russian, but they all include English translations as well. Some of the exchanges may require phone number - well, I have never included my real number and never got any problems. Good way of exchanging PerfectMoney or Payeer with Cryptocurrencies.

Pros and Cons

Examples and comparison

Here I made comparison of these both exchangers as well included the market price at the same exact time, these values might be different today as you know.

Real Market Value



1 ETH = 0.02625906 BTC

1 ETH = 0.026099 BTC
1 ETH = 0.02623117 BTC
0.1 BTC = 7.791545004937892 DASH

0.1 BTC = 7.711509 DASH

0.1 BTC = 7.74736345 DASH
5 XMR = 5.632152499999999 LTC
5 XMR = 5.599164 LTC
5 XMR = 5.62176750 LTC
1 LTC = 2269.8898588153475 RVN
1 LTC = 2242.870525 RVN

RVN not listed

Based on these examples then we clearly see BestChange to provide better collection of exchange rates. CoinSwitch is good pick to exchange cryptos which are not listed in BestChange.

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