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Latest Message: 2 hours, 24 minutes ago
  • Eclipse90 : @Lime It’s still pending for now, although +24h have passed. Strange…
  • Lime : Roxxon Review posted:
  • Lime : @Eclipse90 Keep your withdrawal pending in queue and if not paid within 24 hours then I’ll ask admin about it. When you make new request then it’s again at the end of payment queue.
  • Eclipse90 : Still no withdrawals from AMC32 today… too bad. Well, I’ll keep trying.
  • Lime : Contacted Roxxon support about banners and got a quick solid reply, that they are ready but will be added later. So hopefully they’ll stick around for a while 🙂
  • Lime : Joined this new PiggyBank ROXXON Today with my test deposit of $50, good to have fixed-cryptos on this one. 3.5% Daily, Principal Back Anytime with 20% fee. Review soon, link to join now:
  • Eclipse90 : Just a couple days until my cycle finishes up, I’ll pull out completely then.
  • Eclipse90 : I guess they’re paying more selectively… I’ll be patient. Too bad about Carfoxes, that’s really unfortunate. More money lost 🙁
  • Lime : Thanks for the info @mar00n6
  • Lime : @Eclipse90, just received two withdrawals from there, one was also 24h
  • Lime : every time I speak something good about a program, then it fails xD
  • Lime : lol
  • Eclipse90 : First time a withdraw from AMC32 didn’t go through within 24h, so the amount returned to my balance. I made a request again, let’s see what happens.
  • Roon Mar : They stopped paying 😋
  • Lime : I like stability, read the review. Strong advertisement strategy, no rushing, but building it stronger month by month 🙂 I like the way they work!
  • Boris Zu : Carfoxes, what happenrd that you joined so old project? I made 3 cycles when launched, but I removed from the site later 😋
  • heatstreak : Paid by LightAssetsLtd, Robotics Online & BtcPrime. I see there are programs being dump so a new program with bigger funds can take its place and go for a better win. This win is definitely for the admin but its best to avoid such projects as we investors are majorly as risk
  • Lime : Thanks! =)
  • Eclipse90 : Oh and, it’s my pleasure. This is a risky sector to do business in, so it’s always wiser to navigate it under the wing of someone more experienced. 🙂
  • Eclipse90 : Seems I got it about 1 hour ago too, so we’re still green! Hope for at least another stable week. But deposits still look pretty solid, seen some big fish dropping in even at this point.
  • Lime : Everything is good here, hope for you too mate, thanks for coming back and supporting my blog with your investments under me, very very appreciated!
  • Lime : Mine was also slow, but 9 hours. All good.
  • Eclipse90 : Hello @Lime, old friend. Hope all is well! I’ll hopefully receive my payment this afternoon, still got several hours before the term. I’ll keep you posted of course 🙂
  • Lime : Hello @Eclipse90. If it’s slower, but still processes payments in promised time frame, then it’s not a red flag. Did you receive payment within 24 hours?
  • Francisco De Lima : Heads up, AMC32 has gotten significantly slower in handing out withdrawals. I suspect they’ve started to pay more selectively. Shame, as I’m about a week from finishing a cycle. It might be wise not to invest further.
  • Lime : BTC Prime Review posted:
  • Lime : from*
  • Lime : DEFITHREE is over, I was out before it scammed as you noticed for my Activity Log. Good program overall, but could have been longer. I think investors might have withdrawn it all too fast as the Cryptocurrency market again very down lately and LUNA dumped.
  • Lime : DEFITHREE offline Today, will update!
  • Lime : Also joined BTCPRIME, thanks for the program @heatstreak! Review soon, link to join now:
  • heatstreak : Paid by LightAssetsLtd, Robotics Online. Joined BtcPrime and got instant withdrawals too 🙂
  • Lime : I joined CARFOXES and working on the review now, I like the stability. Link to join now:
  • Lime : One monitor changed status to Scam for MIDO-FINANCE, but the deposit bonus doesn’t look right there.. Might be bad signal!
  • Roshan Buckner : Paid by LightAssetsLtd & Robotics Online 🙂
  • Roshan Buckner : Seallex is over Woody, seems like Mido might be too.
  • Lime : There might be problem with SEALLEX now! Do not invest! More info tomorrow, if confirmed then I’ll change status.
  • Lime : Hyip Intelligence Report for Today posted:
  • Lime : Hello to our new chat! I had to remove the previous plugin since it stopped working.

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Most of the investors suffered in heavy losses which were caused by Administration greed and…


Synchronization page fully re-designed, new features and $$$ BONUS. Check it out here.


People definitely like it, as daily deposits growth is in a very promising rate. Most likely in a hope for relation…


Warning! Suspicious deposit promo Today (Screenshot)

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Carlo Gio
Carlo Gio@carlogiordano
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Thanks Lime. I also doubled my deposit in Pipbrokers after fast payments today in both ETH and LTC =)
Ivan Cherubini
Ivan Cherubini@Hype
Read More
Many thanks Lime for the Crypto Harbor bonus. I see you have invested heavily in new programs. Good luck to you friend ;)
Read More
Hello everyone! Lime, thank you for the compensation bonus for Topmaklers, I have received it. Very much appreciated! I also give it a try Bityoung
Alberto Morena
Alberto Morena@gamedite
Read More
Thanks for the compensation!!!
Tara Rivers
Tara Rivers@Tara
Read More
Lime, thank you for the compensation bonus for Northpine, I have received it. Very much appreciated!
Kerstin Red
Kerstin Red@baupaid
Read More
A TOP overview, Thanks lime, you are the best.

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The Roxxon high yield investment program launched since May 22, 2022. Besides the beautiful launch date in numerology, there are actually some good indicators of this one to be live for a while, including features which are ready to be launched soon. It’s a PiggyBank type of program which allows you to leave with your investment principal at any time, of course with a fee deducted, all details under…

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It’s a PiggyBank type of program and currently known very little yet. The deposit & withdrawal statistics on the website seem to be accurate and not manipulated. Small investors currently joined, which gives a good early stability. Possibly it will run for a while and we see it performing more as a sleeper as of now. Not worth to add higher deposit amounts there yet.

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The CarFoxes online investment program launched since August 31, 2021. The program was original since beginning with the concept and investment plans for a very long time. Some additional investment plans added and design were improved over time, the development was active, even though some promised new features never added before they scammed. Overall it worked for 263 days and scammed eventually since May 21, 2022.

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AMC23 Review

The marketing strategy is very active and they already got a perfect position throughout the industry in the first few days, which gives us a strong signal of experienced management to handle high return investment plans. Hired from over 30 industry-related sources also provides a great influence to spread outside the industry quickly and efficiently, given attractive investment plans, a clear and classic three-tier Partner system, and a wide range of terms and payment options for investors to build strategies, although all payments are converted to dollars, which also holds a limit on the investor side since the crypto currencies market is still very volatile…

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RNDR/USDT Chart & Predictions

Got an interesting pattern comparison to predict possible profit target for RNDR. If everything continues then we should see a nice tip for the coming cycle of 11.46 USDT in price.

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The Defithree investment program launched and processing payments since April 3, 2022. Program is overall well designed and the layout is unique. The early process is yet quiet as only few monitors are hired, industry deposits rate is also low, compared with the program concept it’s definitely a very good factor to be in early. All technical factors green, program is in good health as of Today.

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SUSHI/USDT Chart & Predictions

After six weeks when I first drawn the prediction, I am very excited to see how it progrsses as I just met the targets. We should expect it to rise until 15.62 USDT before another serious correction comes.

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The Seallex investment program operated total of 43 days when payments processing ended on May 6, 2022. Overall development was active with new features after every few days, but moving the whole project to new domain didn’t work out as planned unfortunately, based on the rumors from Administration. This is the risk we know in the industry.

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The CoinConnect high yield investment program launched and processed payments since October 11, 2021. Overall program performed payments for 49 days and scammed since Nov 29, 2021.

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It was previously a long time “sleeper” with basic design and a low offering of 2% Weekly for 52 Weeks, Principal Back plan. The time period for the plan was 561 days and got completely redesigned, added new investment plans, increased affiliate system with several more features since August 28, 2021. This is one important indicator which may give a program longer lifetime then usual compared with other similar projects. As soon it was redesigned, deposits increased significantly, but are yet below average which is good for the…

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The Final Trade high yield investment program launched on August 22, 2021. This program was afterall another hyip failure. Most of the participants los there, it has become scam.

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Program was overall a failure, it barely completed the first shortest term cycle for earilest investors, but this is not enough for any kind of reputation. The whole project was failure and scammed hard after 39 living days.

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The BRI platform launched and processed payments since January 31, 2019. Program changed concept and investment plans from time to time, as well performed payments for as long as 1005 calendar days. Here are some known changes. 3% Daily for 60 Days plan since start until April 21, 2020 and plan changed for long sleep with 1% Daily for 180 Days, Principal Back plan and new design until July 26, 2021. Then plans replaced with new variable plans, including fast term plan which worked till the end. Overall the program scammed and the end and it’s over now, it’s a scam.

Read here »


Earlier investors made to the profit zone, but as soon they added their token feature, to buy and sell their artificial token then it is clear it was designed for targeted scam as it soon after few days scammed. Program had high potential and deposits were stable and in a good rate. Possibly greedy Admin, most of the participants lost in this program.

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Program completed few cycles, but was unexpectedly closed which was mainly caused by greed from one of the sides, technically it would have worked way longer. It’s a scam now.

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