Current status of TRIUMPHTRADE.BIZ – Is it a SCAM?
This long term program TRIUMPHTRADE is Paying well as of Today
, all withdrawals processed in the promised 24-hour timeframe.


The Admin of this program is known in the industry very well for long run of his projects, as long as 6-7 years. But here are some strict rules for you, how not to fail in this program, since it is very easy as well. Invest only to the first plan and maximum of $200. The earnings are low of 0.30% daily, but I have always reached to over 200% in programs by this management. Also be aware that you might never receive your principal back, instead you will receive constant daily earnings for very long time.

-64.62 USD of invested 90 USD  28%

Launch date: Jun 3, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 200% +

1 cycle = 1 Year +
Withdrawals processing: Manually within 24 hours
Payments accepted: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin Payeer

Affiliate system: 5% (1 level)

0.30% Daily Forever, Principal Included

Jul 12, 2017: Joined with 90 USD deposit.

Latest investor: thho / Jul 17, 2017
* If you invested after this user, then you need to contact me to participate.

Contest is currently live. Expected prize minimum 20 USD.

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