This long term program MERCHANTSHARES is no longer paying, it have closed most members accounts. It’s a scam, do not invest.

Merchantshares short review

I call it to be unbreakable, since from the launch on March 19, 2014 it have been completing the 2-3 months cycles like a boss without any problem. Considering the fees and limits, instead of the 150% cycle you actually receive 130% as 20% goes for withdrawal fees. To complete a cycle it will take from 2 to 3 months, depending of their trading results, see a graph below:

Payments are accepted from PerfectMoney, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, Neteller, OkPay, Paytoo and Btc-e. All operations in program being processed instantly. The investment principal can be requested back only in first 30 days, but in this case you won’t receive any earnings, they deduct the earnings from your principal before they send it to your payment processor. This feature is being used if user is not satisfied with the investment program and can quit it. That is the reason why affiliate commissions are pending for 30 days as well, before they can be transferred to account balance for withdrawal. You will earn from 0.25% – 1.5% Daily, Principal Included. Most suggested plan to go would be “Web Ads” as then you receive accruals in the weekends as well. It will take around 3 – 4 months to complete cycle in this program. You will receive total 150% per cycle, but there are withdrawal fees of 3.50% + $0.25 per withdrawal. It would be wise to withdraw once a week, your returns should be 130 – 140% per cycle. MERCHANTSHARES has affiliate system of one level, fixed 5% from direct referrals.

33.91 USD profit made from total invested 170 USD  120%
Launch date: March 19, 2014
Expected ROI per cycle: 130%
1 cycle = 60 – 100 days
Withdrawals processing: Instant
Payments accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, Neteller, OkPay, Paytoo & BTC-e

Affiliate system: 5% (1-level)

Script: Unique
Hosting: B2 Net Solutions
SSL: PositiveSSL COMODO CA Limited, valid: 21/04/2014 – 21/04/2019

0.25% – 1.50% Daily until 150% earned, Principal Included
You will receive 130-140% with fees deducted.

Mar 25, 2017: Program changed plans, my round #4 result was 105.10%, following 5.10 USD profit.
Jan 13, 2017: Went for round #4 to the “Web Ads” plan with a deposit of 100 USD.

Aug 1, 2015: Completed round #3 with a result of 126%, profit made 9.06 USD.

Mar 4, 2015: Went for round #3 to the “Web Ads” plan with a deposit of 35 USD.
Feb 28, 2015: Finished round #2 with a result of 153%, profit made 13.25 USD.
Jan 8, 2015: Finished round #1 with a result of 165%, profit made 6.50 USD.
Oct 14, 2014: Added additional deposit to plan “Web Ads” of 25 USD.
Aug 12, 2014: Joined with 10 USD, to the “Commodities” plan.

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  1. Place explain merchantshare investment further, if invested $100 to cryptocoin investment for 3months with reinvestment option how much is my profit?

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