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Meet the CHAINGROUP hyip, which have bought almost all monitors listings, good potential.
The RBTCINV has one of most honest long run Admin, stable 124% in 20 days, still going.


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RBTCINV Overview: Short to Medium Term With Expected Stability (Reinvested)

Nov 10, 2017: RBTCINV Yet Good!

Ripfire Bitcoin Limited – RBTCINV is one rare good program to go for, since the Admin is known well in the industry for the stability and trust we have seen in the past. The program have proven sustainability since it’s performing payouts since launch from Jun 22, 2017. I have increased the Latest Investor Contest prize for this program to 30 USD (requires 20 USD deposit or more). I have yet total invested 700 USD in this program and for sure will go for next round as well.

You can see my withdrawals from attached picture to this post.

50% RCB & Contest active, program overview.

Link to program directly: