ECOIMPERIAL Overview (Problem)

Problematic status

This fast term program ECOIMPERIAL is currently in Problematic status as no withdrawals processed after downtime on Nov 23, 2017. Will update, do not invest.


In this fast term program you get to choose plans from 1-day cycles when investing up to $350:

104% After 1 Day
125% After 5 Days
180% After 10 Days

Even the plans are attractive then this type program has increased risk of earlier closure. Payments being accepted from Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Withdrawals being processed manually within 24 hours in program. The affiliate system is one level of 5% from direct referrals deposit amounts. Program website is hosted on OVH SAS with EV SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2017-10-17 – 2018-10-17. Program is running on licenced Gold Coders script.

1.20 USD profit made from total invested 30 USD  104%

Launch date: Nov 16, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 104% / 125%
1 cycle = 1 day / 5 days
Withdrawals processing: Manual, up to 24 hours
Payments accepted: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Ethereum and Litecoin

Affiliate commission: 5% (1 level)

Script: Gold Coders (Licenced)
Hosting: OVH SAS
SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2017-10-17 – 2018-10-17

My investments portfolio
Nov 18, 2017: Finished round with a result of 104% following 1.20 USD profit.
Nov 17, 2017: Joined with 30 USD deposit.

RCB Information

To receive RCB you need to request it after making deposit from here. You will receive 2.5% of your deposit back from me as long program is paying. When you invest from account balance in program then you may not request RCB as I won’t earn from these deposits most likely.

Latest Investor Contest

Latest investor: amok / Nov 18, 2017
Prize comes from unclaimed RCB deposits, currently the prize is 10 USD
* Minimum amount to participate requires 20 USD deposit.