Current status of RICHMONDBERKS.COM – Is it a SCAM?
This long term program RICHMONDBERKS is no longer active and paying, it scammed. Do not invest.


Program is to designed for long term and offers 1.4% fixed rate daily returns on business days and 0.7% daily in the weekends, even they claim principal can be requested back for 50% fee, they won’t return it as they ignore principal back requests! Program accepts payments from Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney and AdvCash. You may withdraw your daily earnings as well referral commissions to any payment processor you prefer with no additional fee. Affiliate earnings are two level of 10% – 5%, which means you will earn 10% of your direct referral deposit and 5% from second level.

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16.11 USD profit made from invested 40 USD  140%
Launch date: November 24, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 117% / 151% (example)
1 cycle = 60 days / 90 days (example)
Withdrawals processing: Up to 7 Business Days (usually within 24h)
Payments accepted: BitcoinPayeerPerfectMoney, NixMoney & AdvCash

Affiliate system: 10% – 5% (2-level)

Script: Unique, high quality
SSL: COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server CA 2 COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2016-11-25 – 2017-06-09

1.4% Business Daily, 0.70% on weekends (34% Monthly)
* They ignore principal back requests!

Apr 30, 2017: Scammed, my result was 140.28% following 16.11 USD profit.
Mar 21, 2017: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.

Dec 30, 2016: Joined with 40 USD deposit.

Contest expired – winner did not contact me.

LIGHTBITCOIN Overview (Scam)

This short term program LIGHTBITCOIN is no longer active as it stopped withdrawals processing on January 12, 2017. It’s a scam now, do not invest.

Investment plans, Earnings and Withdrawals Review

Program offers forever plan, which means the earnings will flow in back to your account balance until it will stop payments processing. Your principal is included in daily accruals which start from 8.4% Daily (0.35% Hourly accruals). The currency considered in program is in Bitcoin value, but next to Bitcoin payment processor it’s possible to make payments and withdraw as well from Payeer and
PerfectMoney. All operations in program being processed instantly (just bitcoin deposits require confirmation, which won’t take long).

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0.045 BTC profit made from invested 0.1 BTC 145%  Withdrawals

Launch date: December 23, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 150% + (example)
1 cycle = 18 days + (example)
Withdrawals processing: Instant
Payments accepted: Bitcoin, Payeer & PerfectMoney
Affiliate system: 5% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 1% (5-level)

Script: Gold Coders (Licenced)
Amarutu Technology Ltd.
SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2016-12-07 – 2017-12-07

0.35% Hourly (8.40% Daily) Forever, Principal Included (0.01 BTC – 0.45 BTC)
0.37% Hourly (8.88% Daily) Forever, Principal Included (0.451 BTC – 1 BTC)
0.40% Hourly (9.60% Daily) Forever, Principal Included (
1.01 BTC – 1.75 BTC)
0.44% Hourly (10.56% Daily) Forever, Principal Included (
1.76 BTC – 3.50 BTC)

Jan 12, 2017: LB switched off, my result was 142%, following 0.042 BTC profit.
Dec 25, 2016: Joined with 0.10 BTC deposit.

BTCLAB Overview (Scam)

Is BTCLAB.IO a Scam?
This bitcoin only piggybank BTCLAB is no longer active. It’s a scam now, do not invest.

Investment plans, Earnings and Withdrawals Review

Program type is Bitcoin PiggyBank, which will earn to you 0.13% hourly (3.12% daily) in fixed rate for all deposit amounts from 0.001 BTC. The deposit releasing (principal back anytime) fee is 8%. For example, investing 0.50 BTC for two weeks, will provide you 145% back (0.73 BTC), of which 45% (0.23 BTC) is net profit. Only Bitcoin accepted, instant withdrawals being processed.

Since that PiggyBank is dead, you might want to see Currently active Bitcoin PiggyBanks, check status and proceed.

0.0211 BTC profit made of total invested 0.15 BTC 114%  Withdrawals

Launch date: December 14, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 145% + (example)
1 cycle = 14 days + (example)
Withdrawals processing: Instantly
Payments accepted: Bitcoin

Affiliate commission: 5% (1-level)

Script: Gold Coders (Licenced)
SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2016-11-09 – 2017-11-09

0.15% Hourly (3.6% Daily), Principal Back Anytime for 5% Fee

Dec 21, 2016: Released all deposits, my result was 114.07% following 0.0211 BTC profit.
Dec 17, 2016: Added another deposit of 0.05 BTC.
Dec 16, 2016: Added another deposit of 0.05 BTC.
Dec 15, 2016: Joined with 0.05 BTC

BITCOINWORLD Overview (Scam)

This long term hyip program BITCOINWORLD is no longer active and Paying, withdrawals processing ended on February 1, 2017. Do not invest, it’s a scam.

BitcoinWorld Short Review

It’s a long term bitcoin mining-style hyip program and will provide earnings only on business days from Mon – Fri. Investing from $10 to the plan “S1”, you will earn 1.08 – 1.11% Daily for 300 Days. Going for “S2” investing from $100 to $899, you will earn 1.12 – 1.14% Daily for 300 Days. In the “S3” investment plan it is required to invest from $900 to $2.9k and it will earn back 1.26 – 1.28% Daily for 270 Days. If you want to earn seriously and going in even with more then in the “S4” investment plan you will receive back 1.30 – 1.32% Daily for 270 Days. All plans return principal in the end of term. Withdrawing policy is a bit different as in the FAQ they claim the withdrawals to be processed only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you need patience indeed. Payment options are quite various, they accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, OkPay and SolidTrustPay.

Program was a disaster, this Admin will no longer be supported by Hyip Intelligence. Proceed to the Active Paying Long – Term Hyips, check status and proceed.

-48.87 USD of total invested 100 USD  51%  Withdrawals

Launch date: November 21, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 200% +
1 cycle = 180 days +
Withdrawals processing: Manually on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Payments accepted: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, OkPay & SolidTrustPay
Affiliate system: 5% – 3% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 0.5%- 0.5%- 0.5%- 0.5% (9 level)

Script: Unique
Virtual Server hosting
SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA – G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2016-10-25 – 2017-10-25

1.08 – 1.11% Daily for 300 Days, Principal Back ($10 – $99)
1.12 – 1.14% Daily for 300 Days, Principal Back ($100 – $899)
1.26 – 1.28% Daily for 270 Days, Principal Back (
$900 – $2.99k)
1.30 – 1.32% Daily for 270 Days, Principal Back (
$3k +)

Feb 1, 2017: Program stopped withdrawals processing, my result was 51%, following 48.87 USD loss.
​Nov 23, 2016: Joined with 100 USD deposit.

ETHTRADE Overview (Scam)

Current status of ETHTRADE.ORG – Is it a SCAM?
This long term program ETHTRADE is no longer processing payouts, it’s a scam. Do not invest. 

How much money can I make in this program?

The average “trading” by program owners will return users profits from 7.5 to 8.1% business weekly with business daily accruals (Mon-Fri). You may select for how many days your principal will be held in the program, the most recommended choice is 60 days as then will no fee to be applied for releasing principal.

0.0187 BTC profit made from total invested 0.05 BTC  137%
Launch date: May 30, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 130% +
1 cycle = 60 days
Withdrawals processing: Manually within 3 business days
Payments accepted: Bitcoin Ethereum

Affiliate commission: 3% – 2% – 1% (3 levels)


From 25% Monthly for 2 Months, Principal Back

Feb 12, 2017: Released my deposit, made 137.40%, following profit of 0.0187 BTC.
Nov 15, 2016: Joined with 0.05 BTC deposit.

Latest investor: ETH523765
Contest is currently ended. Winner received 0.02 BTC prize. Congratulations!

ELIZION Overview (Scam)

This medium to long term program ELIZION is no longer processing withdrawals as it have scammed on March 24, 2017. Program was active and paying for 141 days. It’s a scam, do not invest.

ELIZION Short Review

Program type is a telegram bot designed for medium to long term investments. Earnings include principal and is fixed on all investment amounts, which is 3.33% Daily for 60 Days (199.8% in two months, principal included). Withdrawals being processed automatically and accepted payment methods are Bitcoin, Payeer and AdvCash. Since program doesn’t have user dashboard on web, it is required to use Telegram platform for deposits and to access member panel. It’s a new trend since 2016 Q2 for several hyips, since LARA program. Program has positive affiliate plan of 10% of direct referrals deposit amounts to your account, the referral commissions must be withdrawn from member panel.

123.58 USD profit made from total invested 150 USD  182%
Launch date: November 3, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 200%
1 cycle = 60 days
Withdrawals processing: Automatic
Payments accepted: Bitcoin, AdvCash & Payeer

Affiliate system: 10% – 3% (2-level)

Script: Telegram Bot
SSL: PositiveSSL Multi-Domain COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2016-10-22 – 2017-06-08

3.33% Daily for 60 Days, Principal Included

Mar 24, 2017: Program scammed, my round #3 result was 147%, following profit of 23.48 USD.
Mar 8, 2017: Finished round #2 with result of 200.40%, following profit of 50.20 USD.

Feb 8, 2017: Added deposit #3 of 50 USD.
Jan 8, 2017: Broke even total (100%), profits from now incoming.​

Jan 7, 2017: Went for round #2 with 50 USD deposit.
Jan 7, 2017: Completed round #1 with a result of 199.8% following profit of 49.90 USD.

Dec 9, 2016: Broke even (100%), profits from now incoming.
Nov 8, 2016:
 Joined with 50 USD deposit.

Latest investor contest winner: Rollo1996 / Mar 22, 2017
Waiting winner to contact & claim 0.03 BTC prize.

RIGHTRISE Overview (Scam)

This long term program RIGHTRISE is no longer active, it stopped payments processing on March 4, 2017. Few weeks later it went completely offline. Program was paying for 134 days.

RIGHTRISE Short Review

Going for long term as the earnings are accumulated 1 to 3% daily, depending of their work. So far it’s been between 1.1 and 1.85% daily. Principal is included and your investment is active until you’ve earned total of 150%. It accepts Payeer, AdvCash, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, NixMoney, Liecoin, Dogecoin, BTC-E, YandexMoney. Withdrawals being processed instantly (except for cryptocurrencies confirmations). Affiliate system in program is six levels deep of 10% – 5% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 1%.

22.10 USD profit made from invested 30 USD  174%
Launch date: October 21, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 150% +
1 cycle = 60 days +
Withdrawals processing: Instant
Payments accepted: Bitcoin, Payeer & AdvCash

Affiliate system: 10% – 5% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 1% (6-level)

Script: Unique
SSL: COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2016-05-05 – 2017-05-05

1 – 3% Daily Forever, Principal Included

Mar 4, 2017: Stopped payments, my result was 173.67% following profit of 22.10 USD.
Jan 8, 2017: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
Nov 1, 2016: Joined with 30 USD deposit.

Latest investor contest winner: Richygo / Mar 2, 2017
0.02 BTC prize was shared: TX

XABO Overview (Scam)

Current status of XABO.IO – Is it a SCAM?
This medium term program XABO  is no longer active, the withdrawals were cut off on February 19, 2017. Program was paying for 266 days. Do not invest, it’s a scam.

XABO Short review

The investment plan in XABO will offer 150% return on your investment, accruals are credited for 7 days a week starting from 2 to 5% daily on random order. The overlay is unique, but easy to use. You just need to click on “Invest now” on your dashboard menu, then select the amount you wish to invest and press on “Buy my cargo space now” and you’re done. The affiliate program is 3-level of 7% – 3% – 1%.

53.44 USD profit made from total invested 100 USD  153%
Launch date: May 29, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 150%

1 cycle = ~40 calendar days
Withdrawals processing: Instantly
Payments accepted: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer & AdvCash

Affiliate system: 7% – 3% – 1% (3 levels)


2 – 5% Daily until 150% earned, Principal Included

Jan 27, 2017: 
Completed round #2 with a result of 156.38%, following profit of 28.19 USD.
Jan 9, 2017: Broke even (100%), profits to follow.
Dec 19, 2016: Went for round #2 with 50 USD deposit.
Aug 5, 2016: Completed first round with a result of 150.50%, following profit of 25.25 USD.
Jul 18, 2016: Broke even (100%), profits to follow.
​Jun 15, 2016: Joined with 50 USD deposit.


Current status of MECCAFUNDS.COM – Is it a SCAM?
This long term program MECCAFUNDS is Paying well as of Today, all withdrawals processed in the promised 24-hour timeframe.

MECCAFUNDS Short review

The Admin of this program is known in the industry very well for long run of his projects, as long as 6-7 years. But here are some strict rules for you, how not to fail in this program, since it is very easy as well. Invest only to the first plan and maximum of $200. Even if it does offer 1% daily accruals currently, don’t panic in the future, since the 1% daily will be changed most probably to 0.6% and to 0.3% later, but I have always reached to over 200% in his programs. Also be aware that you might never receive your principal back, instead you will receive constant daily earnings.

38.85 USD profit made from total invested 50 USD  178%

Launch date: Jun 9, 2016
Expected ROI per cycle: 200% +

1 cycle = 1 Year +
Withdrawals processing: Manually within 24 hours
Payments accepted: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin Payeer

Affiliate system: 5% (1 level)

0.30% Daily Forever, Principal Included

Jan 28, 2017: Broke Even (100%), profits to follow.
Jun 13, 2016: Joined with 50 USD deposit.

Latest investor: Sani / Dec 8, 2016
* If you invested after this user, then you need to contact me or Request RCB to participate

Contest is currently live. Expected prize minimum 0.02 BTC.